Ray The Dragon Princess: The Black Dragon of Destruction!

 The rest stayed at the campsite to protect the wounded, as we run of toward the ship.

 While running to the ship, we run into Gray and Erza, “Gray!” said Lucy.

 “Ms.Erza!” said Wendy.

 “The same goes for me too,” said Natsu.

 “C’mon we need to get to the ship,” I said as we continued to get there.

 When we got there, master hades said, ”Come up ,children of Makarov!”

 “No you come down here?!” said Natsu.

 “They all have to leave, if we beat them up?” said Wendy.

 “Of Course! If not we’re going to kick them off?!” said Lucy.

 “I got to ask you a fovor, guys,” said Natsu to the exceeds.

 “What is it?” said Happy.

 “I need you to destroy whatever powers this thing,” said Natsu.

 “Time to get this show on the road,” said Gray.

 “Have a taste of fairy tail’s power,” said Natsu as he threw fire at Hades.

 “Fairy Tail’s….. Power huh!.”

 “Blackwing: Moon Flash!” said Erza.

 “Cold Excalibur,” said Gray.

 “Open Gate of The Golden Bull” Taurus,” said Lucy.

 “Poison Dragon’s Roar,” I said.

 “Arms! Armor! Vernier!” said Wendy. We all go all-out attack on Hades.

 “Sky Dragon’s Roar,” said Wendy.

 “Scorpio!” said Lucy.

 “Sky Dragon’s Roar,” I said as we did a Unison Raid.

 “Fire Dragon’s Sword Horns,” said Natsu.

 “People refer to their mistakes as ‘Experience’.But true mistakes do not leave experince behind. For you have no future, for opossum me.” said Hades.

 “No way,” said Wendy.

 “It had no effect at all,” said Lucy. “

 Katsu,” said Hades as he made Wendy disappear.

 “Wendy?!” said Natsu. Instead of Wendy forever gone, Horologium, protected Wendy. When he went away she fell down to the ground.

 “So this is what Makarov’s little ones are made of,” Hades said as he fired of dark magic.

 “Black Magic?! Where in the world did you learn the high-class spell?!” I said.

 “Bang! Bang!” He said as he fired off gun-like magic from his finger tips. Everyone was injured except me.

 “Guys, are you alright?!” I said.

 “Hmm… How interesting, you the only one standing,” said Hades.

 “Like I would ever tell you?!” I said as I ran over to everyone to heal them.

 “Why would the second master of fairy tail betray everyone?” said Natsu.

 “Because Makarov changed the guild, he exposed it to too much sunlight.” said Hades.

 “What’s wrong with that?! That’s how we do things in Fairy Tail.”

 “You’re annoying me. Bang! Bang!” said Hades firing his magic at Natsu.

 “Stop!?” said everyone. After Natsu got fired a few time a large lightning bolt hit the ship, and Laxus appeared.

 “So this guy took out gramps, huh? Natsu..” said Laxus.

 “Laxus…” said Natsu. Laxus started to attack Hades, until Laxus was paralyzed and gave all of his power to Natsu. Natsu started to glow with lightning and fire.

 “A combination of Dragon Slayer Element, making Natsu a Lightning Flame Dragon,” I said. While everyone was shocked he attacked Hades.

 “Lightning Flame Dragon Roar,” said Natsu knocking Hades out. Everyone became shocked and happy for Natsu.

 “I.. did… itt..” said Natsu as he fell backwards into a hole.

 “Natsu!” said Lucy helping him back up.

 “Impressive youngster, indeed,” said Hades, “Devil’s Eye Open!”

 “The Black Magic: Living Magic?! The magic that allows you to grant life to whatever you want.” I said, “A very hard trick to learn, You the only other person beside Zeref who uses it.”

 “You are very well informed. The Abyss of Sorcery,” said Hades.

 “I’ve never seen so much Magic Power,” said Erza.

 “And it’s only increasing,” said Lucy.

 “From the book of Zeref, Chapter 4, Verse 12… Arcane Magic: Nemise,” said Hades as he summoned beings from the underworld.

 “Beings of the Underworld, creations of Zeref, have the power to die. Were created to kill the immortal,” I said, “There sole purpose is to not for this, the can be desumoned by the creator. Knowing their magic, it will be easy to desummon them. Hand over to the book of Zeref, reconernation. The beast of death will soon perish for not kill we. Arcane Magic: Nemise Close.” I said as the Nemise monsters vanished.

 “H-How, only the writer and the creator can close the gates?!” said Hades.

 “Those who are cursed with the contradictory curse can do just the same,” I said as I walked over to the group.

 “Wh-What in the world?!” said everyone.

 “I told you, I will explain everything later. First we need to finish off, Hades,” I said,

 “Wait he just standing still?”

 “M-My Heart.” said Hades.

 “His heart was the ship’s power, so since the others got rid of the heart, hi magic power is gone!” I said. The tenrou tree, which had been snapped into two, was regrowing back. Since the tree went back to normal everyone gained some more magic power. We all beat up Hades together, and win the fight.

 “Help us!” said Happy as the exceeds run toward us.

 “Natsu!” said Happy. We saw they were being chased by a mob.

 “Enough,” said Master.

 “Gramps!” said Natsu. We all get excited as the mob runs away, and we won the war.

 “Alright let’s continue with the trial,” said Natsu.

 “Right now!?” said Happy.

 “They interrupted the second one so it doesn’t count,” said Natsu.

 ”Why don’t we go to the camp for now,” said Wendy.

 “Good point,” said Elfman.

 “You’re just going to leave me to carry, Natsu,” said Lucy.

 “I’ll help,” I said. When we get back to the campsite, me and Wendy heal everyone. A few minutes later, “Repent, he’s gone red eyed” I thought to myself as I heard a roar, “The dragon beast, is he here?”

 “What was that?” said Mirajane said.

 “Probably just Lucy stomach tumbling or something,” said Gajeel.

 “Huh!? This world’s Lucy has that load of a stomach?!” said Lisanna.

 “Oh in that case. I better make a lot of food for her,” said Mirajane.

 “Hey, it was just a joke!” said Gajeel.

 Another loud rumble came and I thought, “There going to be gone soon, if he is really coming.”

 “The cry of a dragon..” said Wendy.

 “He really is coming,” I said. “Who is coming?” asked Lisianna.

 “The black-winged dragon of destruction, nobody, except for gildarts, has survived,” I said.


Ray The Dragon Princess: Immortal

 We all turn around to find a guy with a large amount of magic power.

 “What is this?!” said Natsu. 

 “Why is the rain so strong only around him?!” said Charlu.

 “Can you fly, No you can’t yet,” said the mysterious guy, “Fall.” Everyone except for me fell to the ground.

 “Natsu, Lucy, Wendy everyone!? I guess that’s a perk,” I said as I walked toward the guy.

 “Hmm… I see you’re the only one who can wisand it.”

 “You can trust not trust some mortals,” I said.

 “Mortals?! What does that mean,” said Wendy.

 “You’re a mortal who wants all power am I correct. Hm.. I guess there are many mortals like that,” I said.

 “Natsu what is she talking about?!” said Lucy.

 “We’ll tell you later. I’ve got to see how this turns out.” said Natsu.

 “Mortal, I wonder what it feels like to be Mortal. You can die for one thing, and you can live with fear. But, sadly, we cannot be broken.” I said.

 “You’re going on with this mortal talk, as if you were immortal.” said the guy.

 “I guess you can say that’s right. The two of us are immortal, you are a mortal who can die. Your life can go through the pain, we have to watch others suffer. But I can’t stand people who put my friends in harm’s way,” I walk toward the guy and said,”Death’s Prediction!” I casted the spell killing the weird guy.

 “What in the world was that?!” said everyone besides Natsu.

 “Death’s Prediction, a spell that can’t be controlled unless you forget the meaning of life,” I said, “C’mon we need to get Master back to the campsite,”I said running toward the campsite. We we started to almost get there everyone fell.

 “I’m out of strength,” said Wendy.

 “I can’t use my magic,” I said.

 “Ray, how are you still able to stand like that,” said Natsu.

 “I will explain that later, first we need to find out what’s happening,” I said as everyone fainted, “Guys?!” I looked around to find a big orange orb in part of the tenrou tree.

 “E-Erza…” said Natsu.

 “It’s most likely her.” I said. A few seconds later everyone wakes up, and was able to stand.

 “What the.. I’m filling up with power?!” said Natsu.

 “Our Magic power is back,” said Wendy.

 “Yeah.. It’s back,” Natsu said.

 “C’mon guys, we need to get to the rest of the guild,” I said as we ran toward the campsite.

 “I looked ahead and saw the big tree snapped from is base,” Charlu said.

 “I’m guessing the trees toppling left us with no magic power,” said Lily.

 We run back to the campsite, and Wendy says, “Let me heal them.” “Don’t go pushing yourself,” said Lisianna.

 “Plus, you’ve used your magic non-stop today, You need to rest.” said Katy.

 “I agree!” said Happy.

 “Well we’re going to need to stop this madness,” said Lily, “I advice we split into two team, one that will stay here, and one that will go to the ship.”

 “I’ll go offensive,” I said and also Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Happy, Charlu  Katy, Lily. The rest stayed at the campsite to protect the wounded, as we run of toward the ship.

Ray The Dragon Princess: Doranbolt

 “Ray, you have some explaining,” said Lucy.

 “I’ll tell you all later, first we need to defeat Grimoire Heart,” I said.

 “Okay,” said Lucy. “Before we get there we need to discuss who is left. Ultear, Kain, Meldy, Rosepath, and Zancrow are down.” I said.

 “Before we do that let’s go back to Gramps,” said Natsu. We all head toward where Wendy and Master was.

 “Wendy!” said Natsu.

 “Mr.Natsu! Ms.Ray! And Ms.Lucy!” said Wendy. And for some reason Mest comes back with a lacrim.

 “Where were you, you jerk!” said Natsu.

 “He’s Mest from the council,” said Lucy.

 “My real name is Doranbolt. There’s no need to worry, Wendy. I’m here to save you,” said Mest.

 “What in the world are you talking about?! If they get Zeref the whole world will be in danger?! Especially if he cast that spell on his own will.” I said.

 “You seem to know the most about him, Ray. Why is that?!” said Mest.

 “I know some stuff that nobody knows, not even Natsu.” I said.

 “Wait?! You’ve been keeping secrets from me?!” said Natsu.

 “I have to.. For everyones safety…” I said.

 “We will have a talk about all of this once we get back to the guild, sis.” said Natsu.

 “Okay, but I can’t tell you everything without his permission.” I said.

 “Who’s permission,” Wendy asked.

 “I can’t say it in front of him,” I said pointing to Mest.

 “If she does a telepathic link, I’ll hijack it,” I heard Mest think.

 “I’m not stupid, Mest. Why would I start a telepathic link,” I said.

 “Oh right you can hear people’s thoughts,” Mest said.

 “It’s going to storm, we need to get shelter,” said Wendy as we went into a little cave. Lily, Charlu, and Katy went to the campsite to check up on everyone, and find Grimoire Heart’s base of operation. We all change into some celestial spirit clothing that virgo gave us.

 Charlu comes back, and Happy says, “Where’s Lily and Katy.”

 “Mirajane and Elfman are in critical condition, so they stayed to help,” said Chalu, “There ship is also not to far to the east.”

 “Let’s go there then,” said Lucy.

 “I think we should regroup first,” said Wendy.

 “Wendy is correct, we could come up with a plan. Just give me a second and we’ll be there,” I said as i made a big circle around us and teleported us to the campsite. While we do that Mest is trying to stall, and stop the council from attacking the island.

 “Hm. thats weird, I got cut off here, I can’t teleport any further.” I said. We all turn around to find a guy with a large amount of magic power.

Ray The Dragon Princess: Zeref

I go down path F, and sit there for a week waiting for a challenger. At last it’s been a week, and I hear a Mest and Wendy.

 “Oh Wendy, Mest you got the worst person for your magic,” I said.

  “Ms.Ray?!” Wendy said.

 “Come on, Wendy we can beat her!” Mest said.

 “You really think you can beat me, Mest?” I said, “Let’s see if you can even hit me.”

 “Wendy!” said Mest.

 “Yes! Sky Dragon’s Roar!” said Wendy as she shot the spell. I just eat the roar, “Did you forget that I can eat all Dragon Slayer Magic, Mest?”

 “That was the plan,” said Mest he said as he teleported behind me and tried to kick me. I blocked the kick, “Fire Dragon’s Talons.” I hit Mest with the attack and knocked him out.

 “I’m sorry, Wendy, but I have to do it,” I said,”Lightning Dragon’s Roar.”

 I hit Wendy with the attack and she was knocked out. With a win on my sleeve, I go back to the campsite. I was the first one there, until Erza, Juvia, and Lisanna come to the site.

 “I’m guessing you fought them,” I said.

 “Yeah.. Who did you fight, Ray.” said Erza.

 “Mest and poor Wendy,” I said. A few minutes later Mirajane come to the site, she lost against Elfman and Evergreen.

 “They’re getting married?!” said Erza.

 “I think it was just a strategy to lose my attention,” said Mirajane.

 ”Say where is Fried’s team,” said Lisianna.

 “They went back with Gildarts,” said Erza.

 “That reminds me, where are Mest and Wendy,” I said.

 “Maybe the got lost,” said Mirajane.

 “I’ll go look for them,” said Juvia.

 “I’ll go too,” said Erza.

 “I’m going, but I’m splitting up,” I said.

 “Okay see you there when Mest and Wendy get back,” said Mirajane. I walk around for a while trying to find Mest and Wendy until, “He’s here.” I teleported in front of Elfman and Evergreen and said, “Barrier.” Natsu also came and made Elfman and Evergreen fall down to the ground.

 When I put the barrier spell down I saw him, while crying, “Natsu…. Ray.”

 “Who are you!?” said Natsu.

 “Out of all people why did it have to be you,” I said.

 “Sis, who is he,” Natsu said.

 “He is another user of dark magic, someone who cannot control it. But why are you here,” I said.

 “Not even you can control it, Ray, every once in awhile you have to do it,” the guy in black said.

 “I have better control over it then you do. You also need to remember the number 1 rule,” I said.

 “I know, but it’s been like this for a long time, you know that.”

 “Okay sis, that’s enough chatter,” said Natsu as he punched the guy in black.

 “Natsu?! You idiot, do you even know who he is?!” I said.

 “Ray, you know what will happen if he breaks me,” he said.

 “I know, but it’s not time,” I said.

 “It’s coming,” said the guy as a black light forms around him.

 “Everyone get away!” I said.

 “What about you,” Natsu said.

 “I’ll be okay, it’s the same as Deathtouch. It can’t harm me,” I said as everyone runs away. When the black light goes away, the guy in black is gone.

 “Sis, you need to explain some stuff,” said Natsu.

 “I can’t tell you everything, because you’re not ready yet. That spell is Death’s Prediction, it will come at random times. You could say that guy is a friend to me, but a enemy to all,” I said.

 “What does that mean, ‘A friend to me, but a enemy to all,’ and why does he use the same magic as you?” asked Natsu.

 “We both have the curse known as the Contradictory Curse, it gives you the ability to use dark magic. And what I mean by that is he is my friend, but he is hated by the world itself. And I’m not suppose to be his friend, because of the relationship him and my dragon has,” I said.

 “Is that magic you both use dangerous?”asked Natsu.

 “Just back up 10 feet and you will see.” I said as a black light shines around me, killing everything it touches, “A spell nobody can fully control unless the forget the meaning of life.”

 “But you live to see everything,” said Natsu.

 “If I remember I will lose control, everyone will die, that is the curse put upon me. Natsu if you promise me you will not tell anyone about this, then I’ll tell you the truth.”

 “Okay, but only the truth,” said Natsu.

 “Me and him are both cursed by the contradictory curse. The contradictory curse gives you the ability to use dark magic, and allows you to be pretty much immortal. His name is Zeref, he is most powerful dark mage there is.”I said

 “… So wait your Immortal?!”

 “Yes, please do not tell anyone, the only person who knows this is Zeref.”

 “When did you two meet.”

 “We meet when I still had my dragon, when I said I had remember that spell, i remember everything that had the topic of him. I could not remember my dragon though.”I said. As I said that a red flare signaling an enemy is on the way.

 “Natsu we need to find the others,” I said as I located Wendy and teleported us to here.

 “Wendy?! Say something!? Hey?!” Natsu said.

 “Lily, Charlu, Katy what are you doing here,” said Happy.

 “Damn it!?” said Natsu looking at Mest.

 “Natsu I’ll heal them, you figure out who did this,” I said.

 “Was it you?! Hey, you Jerk?!” said Natsu.

 “Don’t go making assumptions, Natsu,” I said.

 “The memory manipulation magic’s worn off..” I heard Mest say.

 “What do you mean memory manipulation magic has worn off?” I asked.

 “Mr. Natsu, Ms.Ray he’s with the council.” said Wendy.

 “Oh that’s what he meant,” I said as Natsu backed away from Mest.

 “Wait, the council is the enemy?!” said Natsu.

 “Aye!” said Happy.

 “No, the dark guild Grimoire Heart is.” said Charlu

 “Grimoire Heart?!” said Natsu.

 “What is that,” said Lily looking into the sky at the orange orbs falling down on us.

 “The enemy is here!” I said.

 “What in the world are they after?!”said Natsu.

 “I think there after, Zeref,” I said.


 “I have no clue,” I said.

 “Let’s just beat them up, and make them tell us.”

 “Aye sir!” said Happy. The three of us start to fight Grimoire Heart.

 “Hm.. there weak,” I said.

 “You think we are weak?! Fire Bullet,” said one of the grimoire heart people. “Just what we needed!” said both me and Natsu. When the fire get’s close enough, we eat it.

 There were shocked and said, “Those two… they can’ be… Dragon Slayers… Natsu the Salamander and the Dragon Princess.”

 “Heh.. that’s more like it,” I said.

 “Fire Dragon’s Wing Attack,” said Natsu.

 “Sky Dragon’s Roar,” I said.

 “Our Magic will not work on these monsters,” said the guys.

 “Who you calling a monster?!” said Natsu.

 “That’s enough,” someone from above said.

 “Sir Zancrow!?” said the guys.

 “Go look for Zeref, I can handle these two,” said Zancrow.

 “You really are after him, please, if you could get close another to live that is,” I said. Zancrow get’s mad and burns his team mates to the ground.

 “Why you..” said Natsu.

 “Natsu get everyone to safety, gahh.. It’s coming,” I said as a black light shines around me.

 “Sis, that spell, don’t use it,” Natsu said.

 “I told you, nobody has full control of it, please go,” I said.

 “What in the world are you doing, girl,” said Zancrow.

 “Ms.Ray,” said Wendy.

 “Go, that spell is dangerous, come on we need to get to safety.”

 “Death’s Prediction a spell nobody can control,” I said as the light kills everything it touches, including Zancrow.

 “Sis?!” said Natsu.

 “Ms.Ray?!” said Wendy.

 “Ray?!” said Katy, Happy, Charlu, and Lily said as I fainted.

 When I wake up Wendy asks, “What was that?”

 “Death’s prediction a spell nobody can control, not even Zeref can,” I said.

 “Wait?! How do you know about Zeref?!” said Lily.

 “He is my friend,” I said.

 “?!” said Wendy.

 “He taught me how to maintain it for most of the time, but when a person dies it triggers it. The only way to maintain control is to forget the meaning of Life.” I said, “C’mon we need to go find the Master.” We walk around until we find master lying on the ground harmed.

 “Wendy, we need to heal him,” I said as we ran over to heal Master.

 “Hay, Natsu can i try something with your scarf,” I said.

 “What are you going to do to it,” Natsu said.

 “It might make it turn white again,” I said.

 “Okay,” Natsu said as he handed me his scarf. I used healing magic and turned it back to white.

 “Here you go, Natsu.”I said as I handed Natsu’s scarf.

 “Wait what is that smell?!” said Natsu.

 “It smells like…. Zalty?!” I said.

 “Why is he here?!” Natsu said.

 “I don’t know, but let’s go find out,” I said as we run in the direction of Zalty. We soon run into a hill and Natsu falls down it.

 “You idiot,” I said as Happy helped me down the hill. We go down to find Zeref.

 “Zeref?!” I said as I tried to run over to him, but a tree grew in front of me.

 “There was a small tree sapling there. The arc of time took it to it’s future. Where will your future take you, I wonder? Natsu Dragneel, Ray Dragneel.” said the girl who smelled like Zalty.

 “Why are you a girl, Zalty?!” I said.

 “This is my real form, actually. I’m the leader of grimoire heart, seven kin.. Ultear.” said Ultear.

 “Ultra,” said Natsu.

 “Don’t get tongue twisted,” said Happy.

 “Don’t tell me your after Zeref too,” said Ultear.

 “Huh!?” said Happy and Natsu.

 “Leave him alone!? He is the only other person who understands what it feels like?!” I said.

 “Hmm.. the only other person who understands? You mean that you use the same magic as Zeref?!” said Ultear.

 “Yeah, Death’s Orb,” I said as i threw a black orb at Ultear.

 “He was using the same magic just a minute ago?! How do you know that magic?!” Ultear said.

 “He taught be 7 years ago, Death’s Orb.” I said as I threw another orb at Ultear.

 “Natsu can you help me, I just need to get a direct hit,” I said.

 “Okay! Fire Dragon’s.. Talons, get out of the way!” said Natsu as Lucy came rollin down the hill. I ignore the fact that lucy came and started blastin both of the seven kin with Death’s Orbs.

 “Kein what are you doing here,” said Ultear.

 “I almost squished that little girl,” said Kein

 “We’re you two fighting as well,” asked Lucy.

 “Yeah,” I said.

 “We’re facing two opponents now, it will be harder,” said Happy.

 “Well we have another person on our side,” said Natsu.

 “Kein I will leave it to you,” said Ultear, “I need to get Zeref back to Master Hades.”

 “Oh no your not, you can’t take a friend of mine,” I said as I started throwing Death Orbs at Ultear again.

 “Zeref is her friend?!” said Lucy.

 “We’ll tell you the story later,” said Natsu. I run off fighting Ultear, and I made sure that Zeref was not taken.

 “Fire Dragon’s Wing Attack,” I said.

 “You have improved, princess,” said Ultear.

 “Yeah, so what, Sky Dragon’s Roar,” I said. We fight it out until Natsu, Lucy, Happy come to help me.

 “You still have not got her?!” said Happy.

 “No, she will not stand still, Death’s Orb.” I said.

 “Lucy, can you find a celestial spirit that will make her stand still,” said Natsu.

 “I’ll try, Open Gate of The Golden Bull: Taurus,” said Lucy as she summoned Taurus. The three of us attack Ultear, until she was defeated.

 “H-Ho-How was I defeated,” said Ultear.

 “If you mess with Fairy Tail, you will get defeated,” said Happy.

 I walk over to Zeref and said, “You okay, Zeref.”

 “Yeah, are you going to be alright, Ray,” said Zeref.

 “Yeah, I just have no clue how the guild will respond,” I said.

 “I think you’ll be okay, you’ve been in that guild for 7 years.”

 “I hope so,” I said, “You need to avoid those people again, and you need to remember the number one rule.”

 “Yeah, forget the importance of life. That will help you control Death’s Prediction, I taught that to you 7 to 8 years ago,” Zeref said.

 “Yeah, when my dragon was with me. I guess this is the time we depart, see you next time.”

 “See you next time,” said Zeref.

 “Ray, you have some explaining,” said Lucy. 

Ray The Dragon Princess: Lisianna

 “On another note, I caught a very suspicious person,” said Lily as he pulled Lisianna out of the bushes.

 “Wait, “I’m a member of Fairy Tail too,” said Lisianna.

 “Hmm. Natsu, Ray?!” said Lisanna as she jumped at us,” I finally found you two.”

 “Wait?! Lisianna?!” I said.

 “ You died two years ago?!” said Erza

 “No I did not die I was sucked into the Anima and lives in Edolas for two years. I said I had animasia, because there Lisianna was already dead.”  said Lisianna.

 “So Lisianna is okay, we need to tell Elfman and Mirajane. C’mon,” I said as we ran to the church where Elfman and Mirajane were. We all waited and watching Lisianna as she reunited with Mirajane and Elfman. We all head to the guild, and everyone was shocked that Lisanna was alive. We all throw Lisianna a welcome back home party, as we drink, eat, and dance.

 Natsu started to wreck the place, and say ”Fight me Gildarts.” Natsu gets hit into the ground in one hit.

 Gajeel goes on a rampage and say, “Alright, Salamander, Princess, little girl! It’s time for your cats to fight my Lily.”

 “No, pointless fighting will lead us to getting injured. Instead we can be friends, Katy, Happy, Charlu,” said Lily.

 “Aye sir!” said Happy.

 “Fine,” said Charlu.

 “Yeah,” said Katy. In a few minutes everyone, including me, get’s into a fight. We all party to much that we all fell asleep in the guild drunk. When I wake up I found everyone else laying down on the ground. Lucy and me were the only ones awake.

 I hear Lucy think ,” I bet Ray and Igneel can’t wait to meet their dragons one day.”

 I sit up, and Natsu says,”Fi.. Fi.. Fire Dragon’s Iron Fist.”

 “You idiot, you just punched your friend,” I said, “Get up, Natsu.”

 I wait until Natsu gets up, “What happened Ray?”

 “First you punched Lucy, thinking it was Gray. Second everyone passed out from the fighting and being drunk,” I said.

 “Hay Ray, come to think of it, wasn’t Mystogan apart of your team?”

 “Yeah, why are you asking?”

 “Well if we got everyones approval, you could join our team.”

 “Maybe, but your team would be over powered wouldn’t it.”

 “Maybe, but it’s worth a shot.”

 “I’ll join only if everyone agrees. But first we need to go home,” I said as we walked home carrying Happy and Katy. In the morning we head back toward the guild to find everyone moving around as normal. Me, Katy, Natsu, and Happy go over to Erza, Lucy, and Gray.

 “Hi, Natsu, Ray,” said Lucy.

 “Hello, Lucy, Gray, Erza,” I said.

 “Lucy, Erza, Gray. I have something to ask of you,” said Natsu.

 “What is it Natsu?” said Erza.

 “Ray and Katy’s team had to disband because Mystogan left, so I was thinking she could join,” said Natsu.

 “Wouldn’t the team be overpowered?” said Lucy.

 “That’s exactly what I said,” I said.

 “Sure,” Erza said.

 “Welcome to the team, sis,” said Natsu.

 “Thank you!” Me and Katy said.

 A few weeks pass, and when the S-class trial is about to begin everyone rushes out on solo jobs.

 “What is all this commotion about,” said Lucy.

 “Just come tomorrow and you will see,” said Mirajane.

 I wait for the next day to start the announcement, I go up on the stage with Erza, Mirajane, Gildarts, and Master Makarov. The curtains open, and everyone gets excited.

 “As per Fairy Tail’s time honored-tradition, I will now announce the entrance for the S-Class promotion trial!” said the Master.

 Everyone get’s excited and Erza says, “Quiet, Everyone!”

 “Our Master has not finished yet,” said Gildarts.

 “This years trial will take place on Tenrou Island… our guild’s holy ground!” said Master Makarov.

 “Oh!” said everyone.

 “Your Strength! Your Hearts! Your Spirits! I’ve spent the last year asserting them all! There will be eight participants! Natsu Dragneel! Gray Fullbuster! Juvia Loxar! Elfman Strauss! Cana Alberona! Fried Justine! Levy McGarden! Mest Gryder! From this group only one person will pass! The trial will take place in one week’s time! Shape up in the meantime! As we have some newcomers here, we’ll go over the rules.” said Master Makarov.

 “The eight participants are to chose a single partner within the one week period,” said Mirajane.

 “Two rules when it comes to picking partners. First the partner must be a Fairy Tail member. Second, the partner can’t be a S-class wizard.” Erza said.

 “We’ll announce the details of the trial once we’re on Tenrou Island but Erza will be serving as a hindrance this year also.” said Master.

 “I will be hindering everyone as well,” said Mirajane.

 “Quit Gripping. All S-class Wizards had to go through this.” said Gildarts.

 “H-Hold on!” said Elfman.

 “You mean..” said Happy.

 “You’re going to participate, Gildarts, Ray.” said Natsu excited.

 “Don’t get happy over that!” said Gray.

 “The eight selected members and their partners will gather at Hargeon Port one week from now. That is all!” said Master Makarov.

 I go off the stage and said, “Congratulations, Natsu.”

 “Sis, is it true that you two will be participating,” said Natsu.

 “Of course,” I said, “But Natsu, I have to go, I’ll see you at the trial.” I teleported over to the boats and boarded the boat all of the other S-class wizards were on. We set off for Tenrou Island, and we discuss the rules for this one. The way this one will work is there are 8 paths, two of them are safe paths and you can skip straight ahead. Four of them are S-class battles, where Me, Gildarts, Mirajane, and Erza will be. The other two are a team combat, one team will fight another team, and the winning team can move onto the next stage. The second part is they have to find the first master(Mavis Vermillion)’s Grave. I go down path F, and sit there for a week waiting for a challenger.

Character Of The Month

The Character for the month of October, is Lucy Heartifillia. Lucy Heartifillia is the daughter of Jude and Layla Heartifillia. She uses Ceslestial Spirit Magic. She owns Tatur, Acaurius, Sagitaruss, Leo, Aries, Cancer, and Gemini, as her gold keys. She is a caring person, who loves to write

Ray The Dragon Princess: Deathtouch

 “What do you mean, sis? Do you not have a twin sister,” I asked.

 “I did, she died 7 years ago though, and we were not twins.” Edolas Natsu said.

 “Hm, I guess a lot of stuff in our world is different from Edolas,” I said, “Anyway we need to get going, we can either walk or i’m teleporting all of you.”

 “Teleport,” everyone said.

 “Okay this will take a minute because it’s a large group,” I said as I drew a circle that had all of us in it then I said,” Teleport,” and we landed in the city.

 “Wow, I’m surprised you can teleport a large group, Ray,” said Lucy.

 “Well she is th-,” Natsu says before I cut him off.

 “You better not call me that name, Natsu,” I said, “Hey look over there, somethings going on.” We all walk over to where I was pointing. When we get closer we realized it was a giant lacrim.

 “This isn’t all of it, there was a chuck removed,” Charlu said

 .A few seconds later the king comes out, “Sorry I have to go, We’ll be in trouble if I got spotted,” I said as I teleported outside the gate.

 “Princess,” said Gajeel from behind.

 “Will you stop calling me that name, but good thing we found you. I wanted to tell you that only dragon slayer magic can break the people free from inside the lacrim,” I said.

 “So if I get the chance I can destroy the lacrim?” asked Gajeel.

 “Yes, when you get the chance,” I said as I started to run away from the crowd. I find a spot to hide until Natsu, Lucy, and Wendy found me. We all go into a hotel, everyone depressed after what they heard and saw. We all come up with a plan on how to get close to the lacrim, which requires Gemini’s help. We wait until night to go down to the mines, and we started to head down the tunnel to the king castle. While we we’re heading down the tunnel we run into a dead end.

 “How are we going to get through?” Katy asked.

 “I’ll handle this, Fire Dragon’s Iron Fist,” I said breaking down the wall in front of us. We continue to walk toward the castle, until we find a weird cave basement.

 “We’re in some wide- open area,” said Lucy.

 “The castle basement should be up ahead,” said Charlu.

 “I don’t know how you are doing it, but i’m sure glad you are with us Charlu,” said Lucy.

 “I don’t know how either. All this information keeps coming to me.” said Charlu. We all continue to walk until this goop tangles us all in it, and guards come to get us.

 “So these are the earth-land wizards,” said someone.

 “Erza?!” said Lucy.

 “Natsu Dragion… Lucy Ashley…Are you really not them? Take them away.” said Edolas Erza.

 “Yes ma’am,” said the soldiers. We were all dragged by the soldiers to a prison cell, saying that they were going to execute lucy. They also put this goop on my hands so i cannot use magic.

 “Sis, can you get us out of here,” Natsu asked.

 “No, this goop makes it impossible for me to use my magic,” I responded. A few minutes later a guy comes in taking us to this weird room, and puts us on these big rocks.

 “Are you three ready?” the guy asked and starts to drain us of our magic power.

 “These three posses a lot of power, especially this girl,” He said pointing at me.

 “Mr. Natsu..Ms.Ray… Are you alright?” Wendy asked.

 “Yeah..” We both answered.

 “No matter what happens, do not give up! We will get out of here! Don’t give up Hope!” said Natsu.

 “Right,” We both say.

 “I’m sure we will be saved,” I said.

 “What sore losers the three of you are,” said the guy, “Is that another aspect of the dragon slayer toughness?” The three of us were torchered until Katy, Chalu, Happy, Lucy and Gray come to help us. I was fine but Natsu and Wendy could not move.

 “Let’s give them one of these,” said Gray. When they wake up I heal them, and Natsu runs off.

 “Natsu you idiot,” I said, “If only he knows what was happening out there, I can tell the two Erza’s are battling.” Wendy goes on to explain that they will crash the giant lacrim into extalia, to have eternal magic power. Then Natsu comes back saying there are two monsters fighting out there. When Natsu gets over his panic we all head toward the king’s chamber. We can’t manage to find the chamber but we did find a big amusement park. We went in only to find two foes before us. Natsu and Lucy fight Hughes and Me and Gray fight Sugarboy. The floor sinks from under us like quicksand and we manage to get out. Gray throws and attack at sugarboy but sugarboy soften the ice into water. We fight Sugarboy and gray manages to break the key we needed. Instead he made a ice key to use. Natsu come  over to us ,and Gray explains that we could use the dragon slayer magic for a different reason, to break the lacrim instead of throwing it into extalia. We were about to go, until Edolas Erza came to us.

 “Our Erza.. lost!?” said Natsu. Gray, shocked, dropped the ice key and it shattered. Edolas Erza knocks the three of us out.

 “This one can make the key,” I hear Edolas Erza says as she pointed at Gray.

 “Who is he?” asked the king

 “He is a Earth-land wizard. He is one of the dragon slayers’ comrades.”

 “Is he connected with lacrim that disappeared from the plaza.”


 “No matter. Have him activate the Dragon Chain Cannon at once.”

 “Stand Ice Wizard Don’t try anything funny,” said Erza as she put her sword up to Natsu neck,” Activate the Dragon Chain Cannon.”

 Gray does as he’s told, but is thinking,” I will break the lacrim with the one chance I got.”

 I hear Erza thinking, “Wait just wait Erza.” We wait until the dragon chain cannon is about to fire, and Erza let’s go of Natsu.

 “Natsu!’ said Erza. We all start to attack.

 “Fire Dragon’s Wing Attack,” said Natsu.

 “Lightning Dragon’s Raging Bolt,” I said.

 “Erza! Curse you,” said the King.

 “The launch is off,” said Erza,

 “Set target for the giant lacrim.”

 Erza changes back to her original closes and says,” I am Erza Scarlet. The earth-land Erza!”

 “Scarlet,” says Edolas Erza.

 “Knightwalker!” said the king.

 “The king is free, reset back to original position,” said the soldiers.

 “Fire!” says the king as the Dragon Chain Cannon was fired.

 Lucy comes into the room on top of some big monster, “Everyone! Get on!”

 “Lucy?!” said Erza

 “Where are you?! You got turned into this?!” said Natsu.

 “Quit Blabbing and get on!” said Lucy.

 “Alright,” I said as we all hoped on.

 “Why does that girl have a Legion?” said the king

 “It’s mine,” said a girl on the legion.

 “Coco?!” said the king. We all ride the legion up to the giant lacrim. The legion headbuts the giant lacrim to stop it from hitting extalia. Me and Natsu also try to help by using our fire to slow it down. Everyone else, including Gajeel who was fighting Pantherlily, helped try to stop the lacrim from crashing into extalia. Everyone from Extalia soon joined in to help stop the lacrim from crashing into extalia. Pantherlily even recognized what was happening was wrong and even joined in helping. After everyone realizing that we need to not give up, we managed to push back the lacrimal, and destroy it.

 “The Dragon Chain Cannon is vanishing,” said Lucy.

 “It’s returned to Earth-land,” said someone from behind.

 “Mystogan!” said Erza.

 “I apologize that my search for a large enough anima vestige to restore everything back to normal took so long,” said Jellal.

 “That’s what you did when we split up,” I said.

 “So everyone is back home,” said Natsu.

 “Yes, it passed back through the anima,” said Jellal.

 “We did it,” Everyone started to say.

 “Jellal…” I whispered.

 “Oh, Ray you’re here,” He says as I hug him.

 “The prince has returned,” said Coco and Lily.

 “Prince?!” said Lucy. A few seconds later Lily was blasted by a magic ray, and fell.

 “Lily!” said Jellal.

 “We’re not finished yet,” said Edolas Erza, “You pathetic traitor. How dare you point your blade at the king.”

 “I could ask you the same thing, How can you point your blade at the prince?” Jellal said.

 “Prince?!” said Erza.

 “Prince? Do not make me laugh! I do not consider you a son at all! You have some nerve running off for seven years and then suddenly waltzing right back.I am well aware you were in Earth-land. Sealing all the Animas. You traitor! You have signed your own death with warrant!” said the king.

 “Your Anima plan has failed. You have no reason to fight anymore.” said Jellal.

 “Reason? A reason to fight, you say?”said the king.

 “What’s this sound?! No this is..” Gray said.

 “The air’s shuddering from magic power,” said Lucy.

 “This is not a fight. This is the extermination of anyone who opposes the king. If you stand in my way. Then I’ll destroy you no matter who you are! Not a trace of you will remain.”


 “I’m not your father. I am the king of Edolas! Yes, If I dispose of you here, no one will be left to seal of the animas in Earth-Land.” A big robot dragon appeared out of the egg that rises from the ground.

 “There’s no doubt about it, that’s Dorma Anim” said the queen.

 “Dorma Anim, it means ‘Dragon Knight’ in this language. Enhanced Dragon Armor?!” said Jellal.

 “A dragon?!” said Natsu

 “Yeah, it does look like one,” said Happy.

 “Enchanted Armor,” said Wendy.

 “What does that entitle,” said Katy and Charlu.

 “It’s an armor made from a anti spell lacrim.” said Coco.

 “Hmm.. You really think you can win.” I said.

 “Ray, what are you doing?!” Jellal said.

 “How can I hold my name as ,Princess of The Dragons, if I can’t fight this dragon.” I said as I walked forward.

 “Dragon Princess,” said everyone who was not from Fairy Tail.

 “That’s right, I’m the princess of the dragons, try and fight me if you can.” I said.

 “Lucy, go protect the exceeds from the royal army.” said Erza.

 “Right! Come to think of it this lesion does not make you sick when we ride it. Did you have her you use the troia spell on you?” said Lucy.

 “This thing is like on of us, do not treat it like a vehicle, Man you’re cold hearted.” said Natsu.

 “You’re right..I’m sorry. Actually.. It seems like forever since our last exchange like this.” said Lucy.

 “Drop the pointless chatter, What are we going to do with that monster,” Gray said.

 “Just as I said, I will need the other dragon slayers help though.” I said, “We will attack it just using our dragon slayer magic, the rest of you need to help the exceeds and fight of the army. C’mon let’s go.” Me, Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel all head toward the dragon.

 “Vernier,” said Wendy.

 “Fire Dragon’s Iron Fist,” said Natsu.

 “Iron Dragon’s Club,” said Gajeel.

 “Poison Dragon’s Crushing Fang,” I said.

 “Arms,” said Wendy,” That will help you attack better.”

 “What?! There magic power is increasing?!” said the king.

 “Fire Dragon’s Brilliant Flame,” said Natsu.

 “Iron Dragon’s Spear: Demon Logs,” said Gajeel.

 “Lightning Dragon’s Heavenward Halberd,” I said.

 “Cures you! It’s that girl! Dragon Rider Missile Launch,” said the king.

 “Wendy!” said Natsu.

 “I’ll be okay, Vernier.” said Wendy as she flies around until she tripped.

 “Wendy!” said Natsu as he rushed to stop the missiles from hitting Wendy.

 “Ha.. you’re a goner,” said the King.

 “Are you so sure..”said Natsu as he ate the fire, “That’s some disgusting fire.” “You can say that again.” said Gajeel eating the tail of the dragon.

 “If you’re going to eat then I’m going to take in more magic power,” I heard the King thinking.

 “How are you going to take in more magic power?” I asked.

 “Wait?! What?! How do you know what I’m thinking?!” said the King flustered.

 “Poison Dragon Slayer Magic comes with the ability to hear really well, even can hear people’s thoughts,” I said. After I said that the robot dragon was taking magic power from the air.

 “Dorma Anim: Black Heaven!” said the king launching a very powerful attack at us.

 “You don’t stand a chance of winning,” said the king.

 “Everyone is suffering because there is no magic power yet the king seems to have plenty of it.” said Natsu, “Sis, I’m sorry, but I think you might have to use.”

 “No, I can’t everyone here will die,” I said.

 “Then we will leave, how big was it.”

 “Just get outside the coliseum,”I said.

 “C’mon we need to get out of here.”

 “Oh, just leaving the princess behind to fight.”

 “You will regret the day you ever crossed Fairy Tail,” I said as I stand in my stance and twist my arms, “Deathtouch!” As I said Deathtouch a black light lit the whole colosseum, killing everything inside the light. When the light goes away there is nothing left besides me and the ruins of the everything the light touched. I fainted for using too much magic power, when I wake up I find Wendy healing me.

 “What in the world was that?!” Gajeel asked.

 “The Dark Magic spell: Deathtouch, kills everything it touches.” I said, “It’s the only spell i can remember that my dragon taught me.” Everyone worried comes over and asks what happened.

 I again explained to them what happen and added, “If you tell this to anyone in the guild, I will be a little mad.”

 “Why?” asked Lucy.

 “It’s forbidden magic,” said Charlu.

 “Nobody needs to know, I have a ability like that,” I said, “Also it’s the only spell that can drain me of almost all my magic power. If he get’s ahold of it we will all die.”

 As we were finishing the battle with the king all magic was being put back into Earth-Land, “Natsu ,Katy I will be right back,” I said as I teleported to Jellal.

 “I guess this is goodbye,” Jellal said.

 “No, I will always have you down in my heart, so you will never leave me,” I said.

 “Ray..” Jellal said as he walked up to me, “Ray, I love you.”

 “I love you too, Jellal,” I said as I kissed Jellal and was sucked into the reverse Anima.

 When I was back in Earth-Land,  found Natsu and the others with him, “Sis, you’re okay.”

 “For now,” I said.

 “I hope everyone is okay,” said Lucy.

 “Everything is back to normal, we flew around checking everything,” said the exceeds.

 Everyone shocked by their appearance, as they flew away. “Wait where’s black cat,” said Gajeel.

 “I’m right here,” said Lily.

 “Tiny?!” said everyone.

 “I want to join the guild the prince was took in, You will let me like you promised, Gajeel,” said Lily.

 “On another note, I caught a very suspicious person,” said Lily as he pulled Lisianna out of the bushes.

Ray The Dragon Princess: Edolas

 We all attacked the Dragonoid until we defeated it and the hidden spell was lifted. After we were done fighting we helped rebuild the city. A few days have passed and the whole town was rebuilt.

 “Ray, I need you to come with me,” said Jellal.

 “Where are we going?” I asked.

 “Time is up, anima will come soon. But before that happens, I want to tell Wendy who I am.”

 “Well there she is, come let’s go tell her.”

 “Ray, who is that?” asked Wendy.

 “I’m Mystogan of Fairy Tail,” said Jellal.

 “That voice,” said Wendy very shocked. Jellal took of his mask, and revealed to her that he was her friend from 7 years ago. Jellal tells Wendy about anima, and says that everyone in the city might die.

 “Fine then, I’ll tell everyone myself,” said Wendy as Wendy and Charlu run off toward the guild.

 “Jellal..” I said.

 “Ray, you need to go, please live,” said Jellal.

 “No, I can’t leave you. If you die, I would want to die with you,” I said desperately try to convince Jellal.


 I hug him crying my eyes out,” Jellal, please do not leave me.”

 “Ray..” he says as he kisses me, “I’m sorry, I will not leave you.”  

 When he said that the anima activated and all of Magnolia was destroyed. I open my eyes to find me and Jellal safe.

 “We’re safe, We’re safe,” I said.

 “I’m guessing the Dragon Slayers were protected by their magic,” said Jellal.

 “That means Wendy, Natsu, and Gajeel are okay,” I asked.

 “I’m guessing so, let’s go look around see if we can find anyone,” said Jellal. We walk around until we found Lucy.

 “Lucy, you’re okay,” I said.

 “Thanks to Horologium. Who’s that Ray?” Lucy asked.

 “You remember Mystogan,” I said.

 “Yeah, wait he’s Mystogan?” said Lucy.

 “Yes, I’m Mystogan,” said Jellal.

 “Why does he look like Jellal?” Lucy asked.

 “There’s this place called Edolas, where the guild went to, where there is an opposite version of everyone,” I said.

 “She is correct,” Jellal said.

 “Here take this,” he said as he put a red ball in her mouth and sent her to Edolas.

 “I can find Gajeel, but i cannot find Natsu or Wendy,” I said.

 “Maybe they went to Edolas through the anima on their cats, or exceeds,” Jellal said.

 “Yeah, come on let’s go get Gajeel,” I said as I teleported us to Gajeel.

 “Who in the world is the, princess?” Gajeel asked.

 “First of all, do not call me that name. Second, he is Mystogan.” We went through the same thing we went through with Lucy.

 “Here take this, it allows you to use magic there,” Jellal said as he made Gajeel go to Edolas.

 “Are we going to go there also?” I asked.

 “Yes, but first you need to take one of these first,” Jellal said as he gave me one of the red balls, “Okay our turn.” Me and Jellal go to Edolas, when we get there I find Katy there.

 “Oh Katy you’re alright,” I said as I hugged her.

 “I went with Happy and Charlu,” Katy said.

 “So Wendy and Natsu are okay,” I asked.

 “Yeah, but we cannot use magic,” said Katy.

 “Jellal do you have anymore?”

 “No, I gave the rest to Gajeel. Come on we need to get to the castle,” said Jellal.

 “Why are we going there?” I asked.

 “Well only if you promise to keep it a secret, I’ll tell you.”

 “We promise,” said both me and Katy.

 “I’m the prince of this place,” Jellal said.

 “You are!?” We said.

 “Yeah.. I never do like to be called Prince thought, like you.”

 “We’re more alike then I thought, but let’s get going,” I said as I teleport us in front of the castle.

 “So we’re here,” I said.

 “Let’s go inside,” Jellal said as we followed him inside.

 “Prince Jellal, who are you with,” asked one of the guards.

 “She’s my girlfriend, and her friend” said Jellal.

 “Why did you come here with them,” asked the guard.

 “We came here to see my father,” Jellal answered.

 “Okay, come this way,” said the guard. We follow the guard to the king’s chamber, “Your Majesty, some people came to visit you.”

 “Let them in,” said the king.

 We walk into the king’s chamber and the king said, “What do you want?”

 “Did you fire off the Anima?” Jellal asked.

 “Why do you want to know?”

 “The lacrim got bigger, why do you need more? You had enough for many years.”

 “You can never have enough magic power.”

 “Father, it’s wrong to steal the lives of people.”

 “Those are the lives of people who have all the magic power we need,” the king said.

 “Those are the lives of my friends!” I said.

 “Ray..” Jellal said.

 “Who is she, Jellal?” The king asked.

 “She is my girlfriend, from the other world,” Jellal replied.

 “Why would you bring someone like that here?”

 “You need to release our friends,” I said.

 “No, they have no use except to be turned into magic power.”

 “They have lives, we all have lives,” I said.

 “Ray.. Please give them back to us and we’ll leave you alone, or we’ll resort to other means.”

 “Go, you can’t do anything against me.” When he says that I teleport the three of us the way.

 “We have to find the other Dragon Slayers,” Jellal said.

 “Hm, why?” Katy said.

 “Their the only ones who can use their magic to send everyone back to their world.” Jellal said.

 “Why only we can?” I asked.

 “I have no clue, I just know that you all can,” Jellal said, “Ray, Katy it might be better if we split up.”

 “Okay, I will try and find you when I found everyone,” I said, “Come on Katy.” Me and Katy run off toward where I felt Natsu and Wendy would be. We run for a few hours until we ran into a town where we found Lucy with Aries.

 “Lucy!” I said.

 “Ray!” Lucy said as Aries found off the army.

 “Natsu and Wendy are nearby, but i don’t know where,” I said.

 “Where behind you, sis,” Natsu said.

 “Natsu! Happy!  Wendy! Charlu! Edolas Lucy?!” I said.

 “Come on,” I said as we run away from the army. We managed to get away from the army.

 “Ugh.. We finally got away,” said Natsu, “Sis, can you explain what is happening.”

 “Yes, this place is called Edolas. A world where magic is limited. The thing that sucked up the city was called Anima, it transformed all of Magnolia into a giant lacrim on a floating island. Apparently all Dragon Slayer, Lucy, and Mystogan were the ones to survive the anima blast. That’s the best I can explain,” I said.

 “How come Ms.Lucy can use magic?” Wendy asked.

 “Me and Mystogan gave her a pill which allows her to use her magic. And I do not have any.” I said.

 “Wait what’s going on here, how is there another me?” said Edolas Lucy.

 “In Edolas there is a person that looks like the person in Earth-Land, but has different personality.”

 “Sis, why do you know so much?”

 “Mystogan explained it all to me, because he was the prince here,” I said.

 “How do we get everyone back,” Lucy asked.

 “We need to find Gajeel first, then me and the other dragon slayers can destroy the giant lacrim, where everyone is, back to our world.” I said.

 “Let’s plan first what we are going to do,” said Lucy.

 “We’ll need to stay somewhere for the night, so let’s go,” I said as we walked to a nearby hotel. While we wait for Wendy to bring back a map of Edolas me and Natsu are back to back with each taking a nap.

 “Those two really are twins,” said Lucy.

 “Wait there twins?! They look nothing alike!?” said Edolas Lucy.

 “Yeah, they’ve been together since their dragon left them 7 years ago ,” Lucy said. A few minutes later Wendy comes back with a map, and Natsu and me wake up.

 “Okay there is a big lacrim, in the center of the castle grounds,” I said, “I’m guessing that’s a part of the big lacrim were looking for.”

 “Okay we’ll go here and break the lacrim. Let’s go, sis.” said Natsu as he started to run off.

 “Barrier, Natsu you can’t storm the castle. I’ve already been there and there is a large security there.” I said.

 “Well then what are we going to do?” said Lucy.

 “There’s an underground passageway to the castle,” said Charlu. “

 How do you know that, Charlu?” Wendy asked.

 “I just got this vision saying that,” said Charlu.

 “Well we’ll go there in the morning,” I said.

 “How are you going to get there?” Edolas Lucy asked.

 “I’ll teleport everyone,” I said.

 “Wait, you can teleport?!” said Edolas Lucy.

 “She can do many things, that’s why she’s called The Dragon Princess.” said Natsu.

 “Do not call me that, Natsu, and it’s because my dragon was the King of Dragons. Not because I can do many things,” I said.

 “Wait, you’re a princess, Ray?!” Lucy said. “I do not like the word princess, but yes,” I answered.

 “Did we never tell Lucy, Happy?” Natsu asked.

 “No, I told you not to tell anyone that,” I said.

 “Kinda like you having a-” Natsu said before I cut him off.

 “ I dare you to say it, Natsu.” I said.

 “Oh yeah, I forgot that’s pretty much a taboo talking to people about it,” Natsu said.

 “What is it,” asked Lucy.

 “Nobody needs to know unless I have to,” I said.

 “Hmm.. I’m curious what it is,” Lucy said.

 “Anyways, let’s get some rest for tomorrow,” I said. We rest up for the day, and we find that Edolas Lucy went back to her guild. Lucy got mad at Edolas Lucy, so we went to the bookstore and let her get a rare book.

 “She’s back in a good mood,” said Happy.

 “She must be happy because she found a rare book,” said Wendy.

“What book did you buy, Lucy?” Natsu asked.

 “A history book of this world! You guys want to learn more about this world too, don’t you.” Lucy answered.

 “Not really,” said me and Natsu.

 “This history book speaks volumes! This world is neat! For example, there is this tribe called the ‘exceeds’.”

 “Mystogan was talking about them earlier also,” I said.

 “ I heard that they’re a very feared race.” said Wendy.

 “That’s boring,” I said.

 “Don’t care,” said Natsu. A few seconds later the sunlight went dull, and above us was an airship. We hide behind a pillar, close to the airship. We overheard some guards being put on guard duty for a giant lacrim.

 “Giant Lacrim,” said Natsu.

 “All the people of Magnolia,” said Wendy.

“Once the magic power extraction begins there will be no way to turn everyone back to normal,” said Charlu.

 “Wanna steal the airship,” said Natsu.

 “Steal!? That airship?!” said Wendy, “I can’t use troia on you.”

 “I withdraw my proposal,” said Natsu.

 “And I’m not getting on either way, I cannot deactivate my magic in this world.” We all get ready to start fighting, but when lucy tries to summon loke, virgo appears. Natsu and Wendy try and use the black market magic they got, and I just sit there attacking everyone. When Natsu, Wendy, and Lucy are about to be caught, a person in a magic mobile comes to help us.

 The driver said, “Lucy told me everything. Hop in. We’re going to burn rubber so don’t fall out. Go Fire.” we all get in and the car pulls off.

 A few minutes later the Happy says, “Awesome! We made it here in the blink of an eye.”

 “You a life saver,” said Lucy.

 “Thank you,” said Wendy. Me and Natsu are trying not to die in the car.

 The driver says,” You’re going to the royal city, right? This is way faster than that shabby ship. The fastest man in fairy tail… is me, Fireball Natsu.”

 Everyone except me and Natsu said, “Natsu?!”

 “Me-e,” said Natsu.

 “Brother-er,” I said.

 “Natsu?! This worlds- Edolas’- Natsu,” said Lucy.

 “Lucy was right, you look exactly alike,” said Edolas Natsu,” So that’s your me? Those two are pathetic.”

 “Our Natsu and Ray have trouble riding in vehicles,” said Wendy.

 “And you call yourself me. Here, I’m a courier wizard known as ‘Fireball,’” said Edolas Natsu, “This is as far as I can take you, So get out.”

 “Yes finally,” said Me and Natsu.

 “Looks like those two catch on fast. Now get out.” said Edolas Natsu.

 “Hey! You get out too,” said Natsu.

 “You id- What are you doing?” Edolas Natsu said.

 “As the same me, I’ve got to say something,” said Natsu.

 “Natsu let go of him already,” I said.

 “Sis let me ask him, How are you okay riding in vehicles?”

 “I-I- I’m sorry, I do not know.”

 “Huh!?” said everyone.

 “Okay he is just a scaredy cat,” I said.

 “Sis, don’t say mean stuff like that,” Natsu said.

 “Sis?” said Edolas Natsu.

 “What do you mean, sis? Do you not have a twin sister,” I asked.

 “I did, she died 7 years ago though, and we were not twins.” Edolas Natsu said.

Ray The Dragon Princess: Nirivana

 “Wait Natsu, Grays over there, let’s go help him,” I said. We run over to Gray who was on a raft. We walk onto the raft not realizing that it would make us sick. “

 Natsuuuu.. Ugh,” I said. In a few minutes Lucy, and Hibiki with a unconscious Wendy. “

 Natsu, Ray, Gray what is happening,” said Lucy, “Gray, what are you doing get up.”

“Ice Make: Arrows,” Gray says.

 “Open Gate of the Horseman: Sagittarius,” Lucy says as she summons Sagittarius. Sagittarius fires arrows to destroy the ice arrows. Angel, one of the Ocion Seic, came out beside Gray.

 “Gray what is going on,” Lucy asked, “Why are you teaming with angel?”

 “Piri Piri,” says Gray as  he transforms into Lucy.  

 “What me?” said Lucy.

 “This is the celestial spirit twins, gemini,” said Angel.

 “Sagittarius attack Lucy,” said Gemini. Sagittarius attacks Lucy,

 “I’m sorry Lady Lucy I have no control over my body.”

 “It’s okay, Force Gate Closer Sagittarius,” said Lucy.

 “Open Gate of the Horseman: Sagittarius,” said Gemini.

 “I’m at your service ,Lady Lucy,” said Sagittarius,”Wait I was just here.”

 “Force Gate Closer Sagittarius,” said Lucy. “You can’t close a gate that you did not open,” said Angel.

 “Open Gate of the Water Bearer: Aquarius,” said Lucy as she summoned Aquarius.

 “Force Gate Closer Gemini, you need to know the relationships between celestial spirits, Open Gate of the Scorpion: Scorpio,” said Angel as she summoned Scorpio.

 “Scorpio!” said Aquarius.

 “Let me guess this is the boyfriend you talk about,” said Lucy.

 “Nice to meet you, Aquarius’s owner,” said Scorpio as Aquarius and him close there own gates.

 “Hay, Aquarius I need you,” Lucy said,” Fine, Open Gate of the Lion: Loke.” After Lucy said that Loke was summoned.

 “As I said you need to know the relationships between your celestial spirits, Open Gate of the Ram: Aries,” said Angel as she summoned Aries.

 “Aries, how did you get her spirit,” Lucy said.

 “I was the one who killed Karen,” said Angel.

 “Loke you can go back,” said Lucy.

 “No, I’m your celestial spirit. We listen to our master orders, even if we have to fight a friend,” said Loke.

 “He is correct, I’m Sorry,” said Aries. Aries and Loke battle it out until Angel had one of her other spirits blasted Aries and Loke.

 “Lucy, wait a minute,” said Hibiki as he downloaded an advanced spell into Lucy’s head. “Survey the Heavens, Open the Heavens… All the stars, far and wide… Show me thy appearance… With such shine. Oh Tetrabiblos…  I am the ruler of the stars… Aspect become complete… Open thy malevolent gate. O 88 Stars of the heaven…  Shine! Urano Metria!” said Lucy casting the Urano Metria spell. With Angel down Lucy goes over to me and Natsu.

 “We’re not done yet,” said Angel as she tries to cast a magic spell but fail, but she does manage to move the raft to fall over of the waterfall. Lucy goes down the waterfall with me and Natsu. When me, Natsu, and Lucy wake up we find that our wounds have been healed and our clothes were changed.

 “Virgo was this your doing,” Lucy asked Virgo.

 “Yes, I came through the gate through my own magic power,” said Virgo, “Well I have to go, princess.”

 “Thank you, Virgo.,” Lucy said as Virgo went back to the Celestial Spirit World.

 “Marinet Attack,” said Sherry. I roll over to the side to dodge her attack.

 “Sherry stop this, Lyon is alive,” said Gray.

 “Your right Gray, I’m alive,” said Lyon as he walked out of the forest with racer.

 “Lyon,” said Sherry as she reverted back to her normal self.

 “We’re here too,” said Happy and Katy as he dragged Hibiki out of the river.

 “Everyone look the black light turned to white,” said Wendy as they followed Happy, Katy, and Hibiki.

 “Umm.. That thing is turning into a spider looking thing that moves,” I said. Everyone holds onto the legs of Nirvana, but me and Natsu suffer from motion sickness and fall. Luckly, Katy and Happy helped me and Natsu get to the top only to find Brain telling Cobra to take care of me and Natsu.

 “Hmm.. A battle with the princess and her friends,” said Cobra.

 “Will you not call me that name,” I said.

 “Come on, sis, let’s just beat him up.” “Yeah,” We fight for a while until Cobra says that 2cd generation dragons are the true dragon slayers.

 Angry at Cobra, Natsu said,” Igneel is still alive.”

 “I’m going to use a Fire Dragon’s Roar,” I hear Natsu thinking. When Cobra hears this he grabs Natsu’s head trying to make him hit the ground 10 meters below him, Natsu let’s out a roar of a dragon, with mine and Cobra’s hearing we were knocked out. Happy and Natsu fall down to the ground, as well as Katy. With Natsu motion sickness kicking in, we find Brain blasting a spell through Cobra.

 “You lost to a pathetic guild, you should be ashamed,” Me and Cobra heard Brian say. With me barely able to get up.

I say, “Natsu what was that?”

 “I have no clue, it just happened.”

 “You know how bad that hurt my ears.”

 “Oh, I forgot you had it enabled,” he said.

 Katy and Happy pick us up off Nirvania we find the staff that brain had it said, “My name is Klouda, and I’m the 7th member of the Orica Seic. We chose Cait Shelter as the first guild to destroy because they are the descendants of the Nirivits, able of re-sealing the Nirvania.”

 Then Klouda started attacking us as he started to think,” Oh no, none of the other members are up, Zero is going to come out.”

 “Who is Zero,” I asked.

 “I’m Zero,” says Zero as he blast Klouda.

 “Die!” said Zero as he started to attack everyone, I managed to dodge every attack.

 “Natsu, everyone, are you okay?” I asked.

 I turned around to see everyone knocked out, and when i turned back around I was knocked out. When we wake up we learn that there is lacrimans that power the nirvania, Natsu is going after the 1st, Gray the 2cd,  Lucy the 3rd, Ichiya the 4th, Erza 5th, and Jellal and me 6th. Me and Jellal head toward the 6th lacrim, but instead Wendy said “Jellal wanted me to go with you.” “I bet he wanted to go do something with the first lacrim,” i said.

 “Why would he go to Mr. Natsu’s lacrim,” Wendy said.

 “Those two have a bad past. Come on we talk the rest of the way,” I say as we head toward the 6th lacrim.

 “You said you know Jellal, how do you know him?” I asked.

 “When I was little, Jellal took me in after my dragon left me on July, x777. But one day he mention “anima” and said where he was doing was dangerous. So he left me at Cait Shelter, and now i’m here,” said Wendy.

 “Did you know Jellal has a twin brother who looks like exactly like him, they’re both called Jellal. This Jellal knowes Erza, and he was evil. The one you know is my Boyfriend, and he was a member of Fairy Tail,” I said.

 “For real, but he said he was going somewhere dangerous,” Wendy said.

 “We always go on really dangerous jobs. Come on we’re almost there,” I said running the rest of the way there.

 “Okay Wendy, you ready?” I said.

 “I can’t use magic,” Wendy said.

 “Wendy stand in this stance, then do this, and say Sky Dragon’s Roar. That is one of the easiest attacks,” I said, “Come on you can do it. let’s do it on one.”

 “Three, Two, One,” I said.

 “Sky Dragon’s Roar,” both me and Wendy said as we destroyed the lacrim.

 When we hit it the whole thing started shaking, I start a telepathic link with everyone, “Everyone okay.”

 “Yes,” said Everyone.

 “We need to get out of here,” I end the telepathic link, me and wendy try to make it out. Katy and Charlu come to help us get out of the nirvania. When we got out we gather together on the ground. We all rest a bit, until the new magic council comes to arrest Hoteye and Jellal. Everyone protest against arresting them, saying that they helped us destroy the nirvania. Instead we get into a fight, and they say to arrest us. At Erza request she let’s Jella get arrested. We all aboard the Christina.

 When we get back to Cait Shelter we try to celebrate, but instead Cait Shelter’s Master say,” We are not the descendants of the nirivits, we are the nirivits.” He goes on to explain that his job was to get rid of the nirvana and that he would disappear once his task was over. Wendy and Charlu get sad as they see everyone disappear before their eyes.

 “I created this guild for Wendy, so she could stay safe.” As everyone disappears before her eyes, Erza came over to her and invited her to the guild. Wendy accepted the request, and everyone headed back to their guild. When we get close to the guild.

 I say, “Sorry guys, I’m going up ahead.” I teleport in front of the guild, and went inside.

 “Welcome back, Ray. Where is everyone else,” said Mirajane.

 “I came ahead of them,” I said as I walked upstairs to Mystogan.

 “Welcome back, Ray,” said Jellal.

 I start a telepathic link with Jellal, “I need to tell you something very important”

 “What is it?” Jellal asked.

 “Remember the girl called Wendy.”

 “Yeah, wait how do you know about her.”

 “Just wait a few seconds and you will see.”

 In a few seconds Natsu and the rest of the gang come inside.

 “That’s why,” I said as I pointed at Wendy, “She told me that she knew Jellal, but when she said anima, she was talking about you.”

 “Oh no, if she finds out that I’m here I will be in trouble.”

 “Sis, why did you leave us,” Natsu said.

 “I told you I was going up ahead,” I said as I broke the telepathic link with Jellal.

 “Who is the new person?” Mirajane asked.

 “I’m Wendy and I’m a sky dragon slayer,” Wendy answered.

 When everyone heard Dragon Slayer the looks at me, “Yes, she is.”

 “Yay, now we have 5 dragon slayers,” everyone shouted.

 “Mystogan you okay,” I asked Jellal.

 “Yeah, I’m just a little worried about if she finds out who i truly am,” He replied.

 “I don’t think she will,” I said

 “Do you think we should go on a job tomorrow?” Jellal asked.

 “I need a day’s rest, I literally got one mark from Wendy, then I encountered a poison dragon slayer a few minutes after. So i need to rest.”

 Okay the day after tomorrow then.”

 “That will work,” I said as I head downstairs to find Katy a little mad at me, “What’s wrong Katy.”

 “You left me, Ray,” Katy said.

 “I’m sorry, I had to tell Mystogan something very important,” I said, “Anyways we’re going on a job the day after tomorrow.”

 “Okay,” Katy said.  Me and Natsu head home for the day to get sleep. In the morning we wake up and head toward the guild. We go inside to find Gray talking to Wendy about this girl who’s seen a dragon.

 “Sis, let’s go  meet this person,” Natsu said.

 “Natsu, I can barely move, you can go by yourself,” I said.

 “Mr. Natsu, I’ll come with you,” said Wendy.

 “Okay then come on Wendy,” said Natsu as they run out of the guild. I go upstairs to find Jellal saying to himself, “Time’s almost up.”

 “What’s almost up?” I asked Jellal.

 “You heard that?”

 “Yeah, with the poison dragon slayer mark it gives you the ability to hear what people are thinking.”

 “Anima,” He said look at me.

 “Anima, the thing from Edolas?”

 “Yes, it will suck the town up and out of existence.”

 “When is that going to happen?”

 “About a week from now,” He said look down at his feet, “It’s all my fault.”

 “No it’s not, if you can warn all these people then we will be safe.”

 “I can’t, it’s  a taboo thing , to do that.”

 “What will happen to the people?”

 “I’m not exactly sure, but the might die.”

 “Is there anyway to stop it?”

 “No, not anymore. I came here to stop the Anima, but it’s grown to big that it’s out of my control.”

 I lean on Jellal and said,” Don’t blame yourself, you tried your best to seal it off.”

 We sit there for a while, talking about the Anima in a telepathic link.

 When a hour comes to pass, Erza says, “What is Natsu doing. He should have been back by now.”

 “Yeah, he was just going to ask about a dragon. He’s definitely been gone a long time…” said Lucy.

 “You need to calm down, Erza,” said Macao.

 “He could just be taking a while,” said Wakaba

 “No Wendy’s with him,” said Mirajane.

 “It ain’t like Natsu, plus a real man would never drag a little girl around at night,” said Elfman.

 “There’s also my attacker from earlier. Could the have been attacked as well.” said Erza

 “Juvia, is worried about dear Gray. She has a bad feeling something might have happened to him.” said Juvia.

 “Now I’m saying that’s worrying too much,” said Macao.

 “Maybe he just went straight home?” said Wakaba.

 “A intuition of a woman in love, is never wrong,” Juvia said.

 “Gray did follow them when the exited the guild,” I said.

 “Let’s go search for them, come on Lucy,” said Erza.

 “Okay,” said Lucy as Erza and Lucy run out of the guild toward the place Natsu and Wendy went to. When a few minutes past, Master Makarov came out and assigned Wakaba, Macao, and Elfman to go and bring Gray back to the guild.

 “Hmm.. either Gray is evil or their looking for Gray,” I thought to myself.

 A few minutes passed and the team who were sent to bring back Gray were not back, but Lucy came and said, “There is a big robotic dragon flying our way. It’s coming to destroy Magnolia, we need to evacuate the city.”

 Everyone, including Mystogan hurried around and told people to take shelter in Fairy Tail. We were all outside when we saw the dragon Lucy was talking about.

 “So that’s the fake dragon, Lucy was talking about,” said Cana.

 “It’s going to wreck the city unless we do something!” said Droy.  

 “There’s no guarantee that the guild will be safe either,” said Levy.

 “Does Master know about this?” said Jet.

 “He’s gone to get other guild members,” said Mirajane.

 “And the guys who went to catch Gray are not back!  What’s going on!?” said Cana.

 I hear Mirajane think, “Elfman, please be alright.”

 A few minutes later Elfman, Wakaba, and Macao come back with Gray, but are seriously injured.

 “Wendy can you help, we will need to heal them,” I ask.

 “Okay,” said Wendy coming help me heal the three of them. While that me and Wendy were healing the three of them, Gray wakes up, and was taken to Master Makarov.

 When I was done healing them Happy said,” We need to save Natsu.”

 “Aye, Sir!” said everyone.

 But Master said, “Hold it! The well-being of Fairy Tail guild and the well-being of Magnolia are one and the same. Preventing the city’s destruction is the top priority right now.”

 “Huh, we’re going to attack that thing,” said Lucy.

 “Natsu’s inside of it, you know,” said Happy.

 “As Fairy Tail master I hereby order all of you to stop the dragonoid by any means necessary. Don’t worry about him he’s tough. He’ll be fine.” said Master. When we get close to that thing we find Erza had fallen off it and was about to be squished. Everyone started to attack the Dragonoid.

 When we save Erza, Erza said,” Natsu! As per our Master’s orders, we are going to do everything in our power to stop the dragonoid! But first I need to know what you want. Let me hear you.”

 “Yeah.. I let you hear me…” said Natsu.

 “Natsu..” said Erza shocked.

 “Here goes! Listen up! Destroy this thing with me in it!” said Natsu

 “What will happen to you though,” said Happy.

 “Just be quiet and do it! I wouldn’t be able to sleep a night if Magnolia gets destroyed by me!” said Natsu.

 When we all started attacking it again, Erza asked, “What is your purpose of creating this robot dragon.” Daphne goes into explaining why she created this robot, to show everyone that she did see a dragon. When she was done, Gray came out a explained his purpose for this, to make Natsu not forget his promise he made in the city without sound.

 “He forgot,” said Lucy.

 “Of course he would.” I said.

 “Does he ever change,” Erza said.

 “No, he’s always like this,” I said.

 “Hey, there someone there,” said Wendy pointing at the Cake Shop man. Erza goes down to the Cake shop man, and he says,” I managed to salvage at least this one cake for your newcomers.”

 “Erza, i don’t like pickled plums,” said Wendy,” It’s my weakness, everyone has a weakness.”

 When Wendy was done healing the Cake shop man, she faint from using to much sky magic. When I look around Juvia and Gray were gone, and Erza started attacking the Dragonoid. A few seconds later, there were falling ice crystals, a water and ice unison raid, which killed all the lizard man.

 “Erza, Ray I learned a trick from gramps..” said Gray.

 “Yeah, we know the trick,” said me and Erza.

 “Can you hear me, Natsu?! You’re completely helpless?! Pathetic! Your nothing, but talk slanty eyes?! How long are you going to keep up this one man comedy bit in an oversized body!?” Say What!” said Natsu

 “What’s gotten into you Gray, thats so mean,” said Happy.

 “You forgot the promise you made in the city without sound! And you call yourself a Fairy Tail Wizard! Wreck that dragon wannabe already!” said Gray

 “I misjudged you Natsu! Until now you’ve smashed your way through any trouble you ran into. ‘Destroy me too’ I don’t want to hear it.” said Happy.

 “Yeah, Everyone needs you. Everyone in Fairy Tail needs you. They’re fighting so desperately for you, but you will not respond back. You’re not acting like yourself,” said Lucy

 “They’re right, You were helpless and Captured, but you gave up to easy,” said Erza

 “When did I give up!?” said Natsu

 “You asked us to destroy you with that thing, that’s giving up. It was weakness and nothing more! In which case, I’ll do that and eradicate you and that monstrosity.”

 “Like to see you try!?” said Natsu as he blast a fire dragon’s roar out of the dragon’s mouth.

 “Fairy Tail has no need for people, who consider their lives unimportant,” said Erza

 “Say What!?” said Natsu.

 “I doubt an proud dragon would want to meet someone as deplorable as you! If you leaped into it’s arms it would just slap you back!” said Erza

 “Enough of this… All right bring it on Erza, Today’s the day I beat you!” said Natsu.

 “Man, why is he always set on beating Erza?” I asked.

 “I can hear it. It’s close to his real feelings!” said Happy.

 “Yes!” said Lucy. “Why are you acting so relaxed,” said Charlu.

 “C’mon you afraid of me now Erza!?” said Natsu

 “I’ve had enough of your arrogance.” said Erza.

 “Quit playing,” said Natsu as he is overloading the power on the robot dragon,” I’ve listen to enough of your talk.”

 “Flames of Emotion..” Master says.

 “Man, that guy’s crazy. I warned him too, What a bastard.  Quit wasting my time. Iron Dragon’s Iron Spiral,” said Gajeel as he breaks the place holding Natsu, “Lucy summon the horse guy.”

 “Okay, Open Gate of the Horseman: Sagittarius,” said Lucy as she summoned Sagittarius.

 “Hello Ms.Lucy,” said Sagittarius.

 “Sagittarius fire arrows toward Natsu, everyone who can use a fire spell throw it toward Natsu,” said Lucy.

 “Fire Dragon’s Roar,” I said.

 “Solid Script: Fire,” said Levy McGarden.

 “Card Magic: Explosion Cards,” said Cana.

 “Demons Fire,” said Mirajane.

 “Purple Fire,” said Macao. Sagittarius takes all of the fire and shoots it toward Natsu. When Natsu received all the fire he said,” Now that I have eaten, I feel re energized.” We all attacked the Dragonoid until we defeated it and the hidden spell was lifted.