Clue 8



Ray The Dragon Princess 2.0: Acnagolia and Eline Are Related To Me?

 “This is my little sister,” said Zeref.

“Hello,” I said.

 “Imber, I need you to do a favor. I need you to gather all the 12.” said Zeref.

 “Doing so this instant, will prove difficult,” said Imber. Two of the 12 gather behind me and Zeref

. “The dark winds of the desert,” said one of the 12.

“Who is she?” asked the other 12.

 “Dimaria, Azir. This is my little sister, or know as Ray. The Dragon Princess,” said Zeref.

“Dragon Princess? What is that?” asked Azir.

“From where I come from, dragons use to exist. My dragon was the Dragon King, bent on destroying everyone,” I said. Another one of the 12 come in.

 “August,” said Zeref.

“Who is she?”

 “My little sister, Ray. The Dragon Princess.”

“Oh, the little girl from Ishgard.” said August.

 “Ishgard?!” said the Dimaria, Azir, and Imber.

“Yes, she is from Ishgard,” Zeref said.

“Why should she be trusted?!” exclaimed Azir.

“She is not going to fight,” Zeref said.

“Then what is use in bringer her?” asked Dimaria.

“My older brother… My foster father… and My twin brother… that’s all the three sides, and I can’t fight any of them..” I explained.

“Yes,” Zeref said.

“Emperor, that is still no reason to bring someone useless here!” exclaimed Azir.

“Useless?” I thought.

“She is nowhere near useless. She is a really person, about my level or so,” Zeref said.

“Y-Your level?!” exclaimed Imber, “That is insured! Nobody could be on the same as the mighty Emperor!”

“It’s true,” Zeref said as two people entered the room.
The man said, “Your Majesty.. You have returned. You also brought someone.”

 “Yajeel, this is my little sister, Ray,” As Zeref said this Makarov appeared.

“M-Master?!” I exclaimed.

“Already acquaintances?” asked Imber.

“..” I sighed.

“Could you leave the three of us alone?” asked Zeref.

 “Of course, your majesty,” said Imber as the rest left the room.

“Who are you?” asked Master.

“You already know,” Zeref said.

“No, are you the emperor or Zeref?” asked Master.

“Both. In Ishgard, I am Zeref. Here I’m the emperor,” Zeref answered.

“What about Ray?” asked Master.

“Ray? She is not fighting,” Zeref answered.

“My older brother, My foster father, and My friends… That’s who fighting…” I said in vein.

“Older Brother?” asked Master.

“During my S-class trial, the trial of truth… It showed Zeref being mine and Natsu’s older brother..” I said.

“Yes,” Zeref said.

“Why did you come over here, why did you not stay?” asked Master.

“..Zeref’s the only person who can’t die… to me..” I said.

“What does that mean?” Master asked.

“Ray.. got my curse..” Zeref answered for me.

“… So you are still going to fight in this, even without Ray’s help?” asked Master.

“Yes,” Zeref answered.

“That means, no room for negotiations?” asked Master.

“Yes.. which is why you must go.. If Natsu sees you dead, he will want to kill me,” Zeref said as he locked Master in a barrier.

“..” I thought as I put myself in a barrier.

“R-Ray?” asked Master.

“I’m not going to do anything to interfere in this war… unless I chose a side..” I said.

After Master almost being obliterated, he vanished.

“Teleportation..” I whispered.

“It seems Natsu is here,” Zeref said.

“What are you going to do?” I asked.

“We are going to Ishgard,” Zeref said as airships appeared. We boarded, and headed toward home.

When we arrive at Magnolia, Azir exclaimed, “Shot em’ dead!”

The airships started shooting things at the guild and Magnolia. A magic wall barrier was deployed.

“Someone from below, get rid of the barrier!” exclaimed Azir.

“Fried.. Enchanted barrier..” I whispered.

“Ray..” Zeref thought as my eyes transfered between red and black.

“Gah-” I exclaimed as I felt pan near my eyes.

“Ray!” Zeref said as he looked at my eyes.

“W-What is happening?” I stuttered.

“Your curse is trying to take over.. You will be okay if you stay calm..” Zeref said as my eyes turned red.

“.. Seems like she will participate and will drop out..” Zeref thought.

A blast from a west ship almost hits, before I say,

“Barrier!” I put up a barrier protecting the ships.

 “Huh? That magic is familiar,” said someone from inside the dust.

“Anyway, Flying Dragon Squad reporting for duty,” said Natsu.

 “?! Natsu?!” I said.

 “Huh? That’s..” said Azir. Natsu did not hear me and tried to attack the ships.

 “Barrier!” I keep a barrier around all the ships so they can’t attack.

 I go outside the barrier, “Just as I expected. Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel. The three dragons from fairy tail.”

“Sis?!” said Natsu.

 “Princess?!” said Gajeel.

 “Ms. Ray?!” said Wendy.

 “Hmm.. Seems you all want to protect it,” I said.

 “What are you talking about, sis?” asked Natsu.

“Fine I’ll let you fight. You can’t win,” I said. I let the barriers down and they dropped onto the boat Azir is on. I teleport to the ship Zeref is on to help them.

“It’s almost time. Natsu will soon know,” Zeref said as my eyes changed to black.

“… He will not trust the information… If you threaten me, he might think you tell the truth..” I said.

“What? That’s a little extreme,” Zeref said as he looked at me.

“Zeref, you know I’m immortal. I will not be hurt, so it’s okay…” I said.

“You sure?” asked Zeref.

“Yes, I’m sure,” I said as the airships started to land.

“Let’s go,” Zeref said as he put me in a barrier. We teleported to the front of the army lines.

 “You eliminated 973 soldiers, only 999,027 remain,” said Zeref.

 “I though it take more for you to come out and play,” said Natsu, “Zeref… What have you done to Ray?!” Natsu saw me in his barrier.

“Listen to what I have to sa-” Zeref said as he punched Natsu.

“This is goodbye, Zeref!” said Natsu as he unwrapped the rap on his arm.

“Everyone fall back!” Zeref said as everyone left.

“Happy, you too,” Natsu said.

“Aye,” said Happy.

 “We ain’t going to give you the first,” said Natsu.

“It only unfolded this because you could not destroy us,” said Zeref.

 “I never can understand you two when you talk like that,” said Natsu as he takes off the bandage.

“?!” said Zeref.

 “Something I have not seen in many years. The power of Igneel, The Fire Dragon King,” Zeref said.

 “Stygian Blast Circle,” Zeref said as he hit Natsu. He incinerated his magic, and hit us.

 “Finally, something that will hurt us,” Zeref said.

“It might be able to destroy the immortal,” I heard Zeref thinking.

 “It might,” I said.

 “Blaze Dragon King Mode,” said Natsu, “I’m ending this right now, Zeref!”

“Thank you, Igneel, Anna, Layla, and.. My beloved younger brother… Natsu..” Zeref thought.

Natsu’s hit-hit us, and Zeref said, “We’re alright. We have enough for one more blow,” said Zeref, “You truly have gained marvelous power… Natsu. ‘Natsu might, just, be able to destroy us.’ I have always thought that. However you were a bit too late. Instead of wanting to be destroyed, we decided to destroy the world. That was until… With you finally attack.. What it takes to beat the immortal.. For us to rest in peace. That’s why we want to tell you something before we go away.”

 “Huh? What are you talking about?” said Natsu.

 “Natsu.. Zeref’s real name is Zeref Dragneel. He is our older brother,” I said.

 “400 years ago, our parents were incinerated by dragons. I was the only one left. You and Ray died, also our parents. I brought you both back to life as.. E.R.D. and E.N.D… Etherious Ray Dragneel, and Etherious Natsu Dragneel,” Zeref said.

“What in the hell are you talking about,” said Natsu.

“If I die, both of you die,” Zeref said.

 “I ain’t got any room for this bullshit.. The only relative I have is Ray,” said Natsu.

“This is why I got Ray… “ Zeref said as he put pain into me.

“Sorry, Ray,” Zeref thought.

“Gah-” I exclaimed in fake pain.

“What the hell! Why would you do that! Even to your own sister, if we really are related!” exclaimed Natsu.

“Want me to prove it even more,” Zeref said as E.N.D. and E.R.D.’s book appeared. He blasted a hole into it, and we both felt pain.

“Isn’t that enough to prove to you that it is true?” asked Zeref.

“I don’t believe any of this bullshit!” exclaimed Natsu as he was about to hit Zeref. Happy then grabbed him, and flew away. “You are no longer capable of stopping us,” thought Zeref, “Goodbye… Natsu.” Imber comes up behind us.

 “There is no one left cable of stopping us, so I have no need to wait any longer,” said Zeref, “Get their troops moving. We make for Fairy Tail, we need the magic source Fairy Heart.”

 “Yes, sir,” said Imber.

 “Ray, can you get me a outfit fitting for an emperor,” asked Zeref.

 “Okay,” I said putting a new illusion outfit on Zeref.

“Okay all done,” I said.

 “Oh, I need to speak to Elaine,” said Zeref. Zeref walks over to a girl with scarlet hair.

“Eline, I need you to make sure, Ray gets to Fairy Tail also when you activate it,” said Zeref.

 “Who is Ray?” asked Eline.

 “She is my little sister. She is the dragon princess, you could say she is related to you,” said Zeref.

 “What do you mean?” I asked.

 “She is the creator of Dragon Slayer Magic, she is just like the king,” said Zeref.

“Oh. now I see,” I said.

 “Dragon Princess, Ray,” said Eline.

Ray The Dragon Princess 2.0: I’m Now An Emperor’s Little Sister… Great

 “He can’t break us. The only one who can break us, is E.N.D. and E.R.D. can,” I siad.

. “I intended to settle the score with you, but that pest showed up, Acnologia,” said Zeref, “Will he end history today, once more. Or will there be a miracle.”

“Maybe today marks the end of this Era,” I said.

 “If you can… then I’ll grant you greater despair,” Zeref said as mine and his eyes turn red. We walked away from Natsu and the others, going to a new beginning.

When we got to the forest, I said, “Zeref the next time we met Zeref. It will happen, what should I do?”

“You should be killing me, but you are immortal. Also Acnologia wants you.. I have no clue if your friends want you thought.. Either way, you could not fight any of us..”

“That’s the point.. I can’t decide..”

“.. It would be fun to have a family feud.. But I can’t have you over to Acnologia.. Maybe you should help your friends..”

“Wait! You would like a family feud?! Big Brother?!” I exclaimed.

“Hah.. Just joking, Ray.. but still I don’t know what you should do.”

“… Zeref, is it true. Am I the writer of the book of Zeref?”

“Why do you figure?”
“According to someone, Zeref’s little sister wrote the book of Zeref.”

“Yes.. you wrote it before you lost your memory…”

“I knew it.. I’m thinking of not fighting. I might just stay with Fairy Tail and not fight.”

“Well it is your decision. I need to go somewhere, so you have time to decide. If you want to join me then come here tomorrow, if you don’t want to fight then don’t come.”

“Okay, goodbye,” I said as I walked back to the guild’s library. There was barely any of it left, but there were some of my favorite books.

“Ray?” asked Katy as she flew down to me.

“Katy?” I asked.

“You’re okay?” Katy asked,

“Yeah.. but I may not be here tomorrow..” I said.

“What do you mean?” Katy asked.

“Well I-I… I’m sorry Katy…” I said as I hugged her.

“Ray..” Katy whispered.

“I just need some rest, Katy,” I whispered as I went to sleep.

When morning comes, I go right to the edge of where we were suppose to meet. I see Zeref there.

“Ray, have you still not made up your mind?” asked Zeref.

“How did you know I was here?” I asked as I walked toward Zeref.

“I know my little sister.. Have you still not made up your mind?” Zeref  asked again.

“No.. I don’t want to fight my brother, my foster father, or my friends… I just want to fight..” I said as I sat down.

“Then why don’t you not fight?” Zeref asked as he sat beside me.

“How.. My friends will be fighting you, Acnologia will be fighting you, and you will be fighting everyone… There is no escaping this war..”

“How about this, little sis. You come with me, and you don’t have to fight. If you change your mind and want to fight, than you can start.”


“Yes, you don’t have to fight if you come with me..”

“Thank you, Zeref..” I whispered with a smile.

“Let’s get going,” Zeref said as we both walked somewhere.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“The rival of Ishgard.. I created their kingdom, Alvarez.”

“How did you create it?”

“They were a small town, then I helped expand it. It grew out of control, so I now have control over that place.”

“..Oh okay..”

“Ray, I have to see someone. Will you come, or will you stay?”

“I’ll come..”

“Are you sure? It might be someone you do not want to meet..”

“Yes, I’m sure. Even if I regret it, I will still go.”

“Okay then,” Zeref said as he lead me into a cave.

“What is it that you want, Black Magician? Princess?” someone in the shadows asked.

“Acnologia..” I whispered.

“It seems that you will not help anyone, and will fight on your own?” Zeref asked.

“Yes, unless Princess decides to help me,” Acnologia said.

“I don’t plan to fight,” I said.

“Oh, so we have a person who does not want to protect her family?” Acnologia asked me.

“No.. I do, but all three sides are my family.. My friends, my older brother, and my foster father..” I said.

“Yes, now it seems that we will be going,” Zeref said as we started to walk away.

“Princess.. One day you will finally come out of your false life,” Acnologia said as we left the cave.

“False Life again..” I thought.

“You’re sure you are not going to fight? There is no turning back once we arrive,” Zeref told me.

“I know, I plan not to fight..” I said.

“Okay then.. Well we have to wait awhile until the war will start… Do you want to tell me some stuff?” Zeref asked.

“… I don’t have anything interesting…” I whispered.

“How about you joining Fairy Tail, or meeting Natsu. You lost your memory of your past life, so how did you figure out Natsu was your twin?”

“Me and Natsu first meet, I did not know my name. When me told me his name, I remember my name. We both ended up have the same last name, Dragneel. We both thought that we were related, and we searched for our dragons together. About a week later, we ran into a guild called Fairy Tail. Master told us about the guild, and we ended up joining the guild. That’s when I met Jellal, and we did research. After a few weeks in the guild Katy and Happy were born into this world, and I took care of Katy. That’s when we became the Marias… During the research we learned that you had a little sister and little brother. Your little sister looked like you, and I look like you.  A few years after that I went to my S-class trial. There was a test of truth, and it showed you saying Natsu and I were you little twins. You also mentioned E.R.D. and E.N.D. I told Natsu that we were twins, and it has been that way ever since….” I told Zeref.

“So it seems that all of your research lead you to these things?”

“Yes, all the research that we did for 7 years…”

“What day was it that you lost your memory?”

“I think it was July 7, X777. Why?”

“July 7, X777 was the day the dragon slayers went through Eclipse into this time. So on the day that you went through with Acnologia inside, unknowing, you lost your memory. Maybe you might get your memory back on July 7, sadly it is in a year’s time..”

“Well I can wait a year,” I said with a smile.

“Okay, let’s get going,” Zeref said as we continued to walk.

“Huh? It’s only been 5 minutes, we should need more time than that!” I exclaimed.

“Ray, that was an illusion. We have been talk for a year.”

“A year!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, now let’s get going to Alvarez,” Zeref said as he teleported us to the dock of Alvarez’s kingdom, “Okay, we are here.”

“Wow, this place is bigger than I imagined!” I said in amazement.

“Yes, this place is not a tiny town anymore. It is a kingdom of wealth,” Zeref said as we walked up to the kingdom.

People came out of there homes, and started to chant, “The emperor is back!”

“Emperor?” I asked.

“That is what they call me here,” Zeref whispered to me.

“Oh,” I whispered.

“Who is that?” the townspeople asked.

“Did he bring his girlfriend?” someone gossiped.

“Ray, ignore them. Let’s get going,” Zeref said as we entered the castle.

 “Welcome back. Who is she?”

 “This is my little sister,” said Zeref.

Ray The Dragon Princess 2.0: Said Is Now Siad… Best Speller Goes To Ray!

We go back home. When we get back home, I went straight to the library with Katy.

The next day, I get up and teleport to Edolas.

 “It worked!” I thought. I walked over to the castle, to try and find Jellal. I walk up to the castle, to find to soldiers.

“Unauthorized Permission. What is your business here,” said one of the soldiers.

“I know Prince Jellal, I came here to see him,” I said.

“That’s what everyone says,” said the other soldiers.

 “But that’s why I came here, he said I could come,” I said.

 “Let her pass,” said Jellal from behind the soldiers.

 “Jellal!” I said.

 “How dare you speak to Prince like that,” said the soldier.

“Only if you knew she was a princess, and my girlfriend,” said Jellal.

 “Princess?! We’re sorry,” said the soldiers.

“It’s okay,” I said as I entered the castle.

“You came,” said Jellal.

“Of course I did, I wanted to see you,” I said.

 “Of course you did,” Jellal said as he held my hand.

“Jellal how’s life been here?” I asked.

 “Well it’s not the best, I don’t get to see you. Being the ruler of this place is also boring. How you’ve been these 7 past years?”

“Well I reunited with Zeref after you left. Then me and some of the others were trapped on the Island for 7 years. It was because of Grimoire Heart attack us during The S-Class Trial. They wanted Zeref to rule the world. Acnologia attacked us, and Mavis saved us using the spell called Fairy Sphere,” I said.

 “Wow, thats is not a lot for 7 years.”

 “Well yeah, when we woke up. I was like Mavis most likely used the spell.”

 “Well at least we got to see each other.”

 “Yeah,” I said as we sat down and talked.

 When night comes, Jellal asked, “Ray, where are you going to stay for the week?”

 “I don’t know,” I said.

“Maybe you can stay with me,” said Jellal very shyly.

I blush and say, “S-Sure.” Me and Jellal spend the week together.

When it was time for me to leave, I said, “Jellal, I will visit you later. For now I have to go.”

Jellal said, ““Love you, Ray, See you later.”

 “Love you too,” I said as I teleported back home. When I got back home I heard that Natsu’s group went on a job request.

The next day, Natsu and his friends came back, and Gray asked me, “Ray, do you know what E.N.D. and E.R.D. is or the netherworld?”

“H-How do you know about those?” I asked Gray.

“Atlas Flame told us about E.N.D and E.R.D.. and this other guy told us, ‘We can’t go back, the netherworld is open,’” said Lucy.

“E.N.D and E.R.D are related to Natsu and I somewho.. But I do not know how..” I said, “I must go warm Zeref thought,” I teleported to Zeref.

“I already know, Ray,” said Zeref, “We just have to wait.”

 “E.N.D is Natsu… and E.R.D. is me.. If only they knew,” I said.

 “Ray, it’s not time yet. We can’t tell them, not yet,” said Zeref. Me and Zeref let 7 days in this Era pass. When the seventh day came, me and Zeref used Immobilization magic to talk to Natsu.

“So, actually made it here. We knew you would, thought. This is Tartarus, The bookshelf of my demons. This is where our books dwell,” said Zeref as Natsu turned around to see me and Zeref.

“Zeref… Ray..” said Natsu as he tried to attack Zeref.

“This guild was formed by the demons we created. Tartarus… also know as the bookshelf of Zeref. We didn’t create the guild itself, have you know. It was apparently founded by her master… E.N.D.” said Zeref.

“E.N.D. That’s the guy Igneel tried to kill,” said Natsu.

“‘Couldn’t kill’ is more accurate,” Zeref said.

 “Then I’ll beat him,” said Natsu as he tried to attack Zeref, “I’m going to finish… what my old man tried to do!” The flames from Natsu’s flame sword disappeared.

“I’m sure you can. But, theres one thing you can’t forget.” said Zeref,  “Igneel couldn’t kill him.”

“Huh? What is he talking about, sis?” asked Natsu.

“E.N.D. is the most powerful demon we created. You’ll be forced to make a decision. To let live or die. The choice is yours. We should be going now,” said Zeref.

“Hold on! You’re not making any sense!”

 “All of Tartarus is doing this to meet me.Having us waltz in here would ruin all the fun. Who will reach us? You or E.N.D.? Until we meet again,” said Zeref as we left.

“Why did you try to confuse him?” I asked.

“That’s the only way to mention E.N.D. without getting figured out,” Zeref explained.

“Okay, I just wish time would hurry,” I said.

 “It’s not time yet. E.N.D. is not ready. He is not ready,” said Zeref.

“Yeah, I know. He can’t break us yet.” Me and Zeref chatted for a while. We let many things happen over 3 day. On the third day after we talked to Natsu, we went back to get E.N.D.’s book. We find Gray holding E.N.D.’s book. The book then teleported into Zeref’s hand.

 “I believe this book belongs to us,” said Zeref. Everyone turned to look at us.

 “We’re taking it back. It’s really important to us, you see,” said Zeref.

 “Sis… Zeref…” Natsu said.

“You can’t beat him, not even you, Natsu,” I said.

 “He’s..?! She’s..?!” said Sting.

“Mard Geer, you did well. You came so close to reviving E.N.D. You can sleep now,” said Zeref as Mard’s book appeared. Zeref then burned the book.

 “What the hell!? Wasn’t he your creation?” said Gray.

“That’s right. We no longer needed him,” said Zeref.

 “He can’t break us. The only one who can break us, is E.N.D. and E.R.D. can,” I siad.