Eclipse: Emotions

They went to several other shops, and it was sunset by the time they were done.

“Let’s go home,” Shoki spoke as they walked home together. Once they reached home, everything was wretched.

“?! What happened?! Kume?!” Shoki exclaimed as she let go of Sora’s hand, and ran through the front door, “Kume?!”

“Shoki! Run!” Kume exclaimed. There was a gun fire. It was from in front of Shoki. The bullet came toward Shoki, and hit her. The bullet hit her left eye, and went through her head.

“Shoki!?” Kume exclaimed as she ran over to Shoki. She put her hand over her eye, and green streams came out. “Please live.. Please live..”

“Kume..” Shoki whispered.

“Kume! Shoki!” Sora spoke as he ran up to them.

“Sora..” a voice voiced.

“Kuraga..” Sora sighed.

“You’re too late, she is going to die,” Kuraga told him.
“No!” Sora voiced as he grabbed Kume and Shoki’s hand.

“You’re not going to teleport!” Kuraga exclaimed as he pointed the gun at Shoki, “Teleport and I’ll make it impossible for her to live!”

“.. No.. Shoki..” Sora whispered. Shoki closed her eyes. “No, don’t!” The area around them turned gray, and Kuraga stopped moving.

“Gah!” Shoki exclaimed.

“Shoki!” Sora exclaimed as they teleported away. The color returned and Sora asked, “Kume.. Will she live?”

“I’ve stopped the blood from leaking from her.. We need to get her to the hospital,” Kume told Sora.

“Okay..” Sora voiced as he picked up his phone, and dialed 119, “We need the ambulance!” He told the ambulance where we were, and they soon were there.

“What happened here?” one of the doctors asked, as the load Shoki into the truck.

“Someone shot her in the eye.. I was too late to stop it..” Sora told as he looked down.

“It will be okay, you stop the bleeding so she should be alright. The only way she will die is if she has bad brain damage,” the doctor told Sora, “Come with us. It might help her.”

“Okay..” Sora told as him and Kume boarded on the truck. The both were hold Shoki’s hands.

“Shoki..” Kume whispered.

“I’m sorry..” Sora whispered.

They, soon, were at the hospital, and the ambulance showed them to a room. Sora and Kume had to wait outside, while Shoki was looked at. Kume, also, phoned Takara-san and told her about what happened. Takara-san told the other girls, and they all rushed to the hospital.

“We got here as fast as we could!” Takara-san told Kume once they arrived.

“They still wouldn’t let us in the room..” Kume whispered.

“..” Sora sighed as he looked down.
“.. Did you try and heal her?” Rita-san asked.

“H-How do you know about that?” Kume asked.

“Shoki and I told them..” Sora told her.

“.. I healed her to the best of my abilities.. All I could do was close the wound..” Kume confessed. A doctor, then, came out.

“She is alive..but she can’t feel emotions anymore..” the doctor told them.

“What!” they exclaimed.

“The bullet hit a part of her brain, and that part happened to be the emotional center..” the doctor told them.

“.. No..” Sora whispered to himself.

“You can see her if you want to,” the doctor told as he opened the door the rest of the way. The all went in, and Sora and Kume went to her side.

Shoki was awake and looking at them with her one eye, “Kume.. Sora..”

“.. I’m sorry..” Sora whispered.

“What are you sorry for?” Shoki asked.

“.. I let you go ahead, and now you’re hurt..” Sora confessed as he held onto her hand.

“It’s no use.. I can’t feel sympathy.. Or love.. All I feel is emptiness..” Shoki told them, “I can remember all the emotions, but I can’t feel them..”

“Shoki..” Kume whispered as she hugged her.

“.. I’m sorry, Kume..” Shoki told her.

“.. Shoki-san..” Ken-san whispered.

“I can’t feel anything I want to.. I want to feel everything I did back before I was shot.. It was so fun back then..” Shoki whispered, “Now.. I just have one attitude..”

“.. Shoki..” Kume whispered as she let go of her.

“Shoki-san is allowed out, but the three of you will be relocated..” the doctor told them, “Also Shoki-san. You need to where this.” He handed Shoki a eye patch.

“Thank you,” Shoki told as she put the eye patch on her left eye.

“We would like you to stay here for the a few nights, during the day you can go out,” the doctor told Shoki.

“Okay..” Shoki answered.

“Well all of you need to go home. Shoki-san’s sister, and the boy can stay for the night,” the doctor told them.

“Okay.. We’ll come see you tomorrow before school, I’ll also lend you one of my spare uniforms Kume-chan, Shoki-san. Sora-kun, I’ll ask my brother if I can borrow one of his spare outfits,” Takara-san told us.

“Thank you, Takara-san.. See you three tomorrow,” Shoki told them.
“Goodbye,” Ken-san told them as the three girls left.

“Goodnight, you three,” the doctor told as he turned the light off, and left the room.

“Goodnight, you two,” Shoki voiced as she closed her eye, and went to sleep.


Ray The Dragon Princess 2.0: Commander Me!

“Will it be in the castle?” I asked.

“It might, but it could be outside.. We might want to split up,” Jellal said as he let go off my hand.

“You sure?” I asked.

“It will be more efficient,” Katy said.

“.. Yeah.. We will meet up later,” Jellal said as he teleported away.

“We let’s go, Katy,” I said as we teleport away. Lucy was there fighting an army of guys with Aries.

“Lucy!” I exclaimed.

“Ray!” exclaimed Lucy.

“Commander Ray!” exclaimed the army, “Why are you here!”

“.. I must be their commander in Edolas..” I thought.

“I came here to see what you knuckleheads were doing. What are you doing fighting this poor bystander?” I asked.

“This is no bystander, she is a magic user! Expeccial this lamb, ram thing!” exclaimed a soldier.

“There is nothing wrong with this girl and her pet, leave! You all must report back to the castle!” I exclaimed.

“Y-Yes!” exclaimed the soldiers as they left.

“You’re our Ray, and Katy?” asked Lucy.

“Yeah, I knew a trick. I’m also sorry Aries, it was the only excuse I could come up with,” I said.

“It’s okay… I’m sorry,” Aries said as she disappeared.

“We need to find Natsu and Wendy. They are close I just don’t know where,” I said as Natsu came out of the rubble with Wendy, Happy, and Edolas-Lucy..

“We are here, sis,” Natsu said.

“Natsu..” I said as I looked at Natsu.

“Why is she here?!” exclaimed Edolas-Lucy.

“You’re Edolas’ Lucy, you know I’m commander in Edolas. I’m from Earth Land like Natsu, Wendy, and Lucy,” I said.

“Commander?” asked Natsu.

“In Edolas I’m a commander for the royal palace. According to what the guards said,” I said.

“So she is with magic?” asked Edolas-Lucy.

“Yeah, magic is my soul,” I said.

“We need to get going, they are going to come back,” Katy said as she jumped into my arms.

“You sure we stay, we need to go look for the vessel,” I said.

“What vessel?” asked Wendy.

“Mystogan, Katy, and I are looking for a way to get everyone back into Earth Land,” I answered.

“Yeah.. We might want to part,” Charlu said as she just jumped out of the rubble.

“Yeah. Let’s get going, Katy,” I said as Natsu put his hand on my shoulder.

“Make sure everyone gets back home,” Natsu whispered.

“I know… See you all later,” I said as I teleported to the city.

“Well where are we going?” asked Katy.

“I don’t know, I’m just guessing that it’s in this town.”

“Commander Ray? How did you get here, so fast?” ask the army from before.

“She probably took her Legion, and Ray I thought you were talking a break for a while,” a girl from behind said.

“Commander Knightwalker?!” exclaimed the army.

“Oh Erza,” I said once I realized it was Edolas-Erza, “We’re almost ready to go. I would like to see it.”

“Okay,” Edolas Erza said as she and the army said as she left.

“How did you know that?” asked Katy.

“I listen to Erza’s thoughts. Something about the dragon chain cannon, and Extalia,” I said.


“Have you heard of it?”

“I don’t know, it just seems familiar…”

“Well let’s get going,” I said as we started to walk around.

We walked around until, Jellal teleported us somewhere.

“Jellal!” I exclaimed in a hushed tone.

“Any progress?” asked Jellal.

“A little. Apparently I’m a commander here. Also I found Wendy, Natsu, Lucy, and Edolas-Lucy.”

“And Erza is a commander here too.”

“… Well we still need to look..” Jellal said as he grabbed my hand, “Let’s stick together this time.”

“Yeah,” I said as I followed Jellal.
“It is most likely in the castle,” Jellal said, “I tried, but failed. Somebody could have spotted me.”

“Well I can see if I can get in. I just don’t want to run into this world’s Ray,” I said.

After a few hours, Jellal said, “We finally found it.” The ground started to rumble.

“What in the!” I exclaimed as Jellal started to run over to a panel.
Katy and I followed Jellal, and said, “What are you doing?”

“This control panel can send things back. We will have to check though,” Jellal said as he grabbed my hand and teleported outside.

Ray The Dragon Princess 2.0: We Are Family!

After a week, we came back. When we came back, Jellal was acting weird.

“What’s wrong…” I asked Jellal.

“Anima,” He said look at me.

“Anima, the thing from Edolas?”

“Yes, it will suck the town up and out of existence.”

 “When is that going to happen?”

“Sometime soon.. This may be one of the last times… we see each other..”

“..Do you want to say goodbye to Wendy?” I asked as Jellal noded.

“She was one of the first people I knew,
Jellal said as he teleported outside.

“Wendy said she was going shopping with Carla,” I said as we teleported up the street to Wendy.

“Ms. Ray?” asked Wendy, “Who is he?”

“You know him, Wendy. From a long time ago..” I said.

“Yes, from before your guild,” Jellal said.

“That voice,” Wendy said as Jellal removed his mask, “Jellal?!”

“You were supposed to be in prison!” Carla shouted.

“That was Jellal’s twin brother…” I whispered.

“… You were right, Ray…” whispered Wendy.

“?” asked Jellal and Carla.

“I told her you had a twin brother with the same name.”

“.. At least it is the truth..” Jellal whispered with knowing it was a lie.

“Wendy you must leave the city. Anima will get you if you don’t..” Jellal said to Wendy.

“Anima.. The thing you mention many years ago?” asked Wendy.

“Yes, a magical power that will suck all the magic power from here.”

“Then we need to tell everyone!” exclaimed Wendy as she ran away, and Carla followed.

“Ray, you need to go too.” Jellal said as he put his hand on my shoulders.

“Why would I abandoned you?” I asked, “I love you, and we promised to stay together until was not possible..” I leaned into Jellal’s chest.

“Ray… I’m really sorry… We may not see each other again after this,” Jellal said as a light shined down taking out everything. After the light leaves we see each other safe.

“We’re safe, We’re safe,” I said.

 “I’m guessing the Dragon Slayers were protected by their magic,” said Jellal.

“That means Wendy, Natsu, and Gajeel are okay,” I asked.

 “I’m guessing so, let’s go look around see if we can find anyone,” said Jellal. We walk around until we found Lucy.

 “Lucy, you’re okay,” I said.

“Thanks to Horologium. Who’s that Ray?” Lucy asked.

“You remember Mystogan,” I said.

“Yeah, wait he’s Mystogan?” said Lucy.

 “Yes, I’m Mystogan,” said Jellal.

“Why does he look like Jellal?” Lucy asked.

“There’s this place called Edolas, where the guild went to, where there is an opposite version of everyone,” I said.

 “She is correct,” Jellal said.

 “Here take this,” he said as he put a red ball in her mouth and sent her to Edolas..

 “I can find Gajeel, but I cannot find Natsu or Wendy,” I said.

“They may have already left for Edolas,” Jellal said.

“Yeah, come on let’s go get Gajeel,” I said as I teleported us to Gajeel.

“What the.. The monster girl!” Gajeel said as he jumped back.

“Moster?!” I exclaimed.

“Ray..” Jellal whispered.

“…” I sighed, “Gajeel I trust you to find everyone.”

“Yes, take this,” Jellal said as he gave the red balls to Gajeel. Then Gajeel was sent to Edolas.

“Are we going to go?” I asked.

“Yes, but first you need to take one of these first,” Jellal said as he gave me one of the red balls, “Okay our turn.” Me and Jellal go to Edolas, when we get there I find Katy there.

“Oh Katy you’re alright,” I said as I hugged her.

 “I went with Happy and Charlu,” Katy said.

 “So Wendy and Natsu are okay,” I asked.

 “Yeah, but we cannot use magic,” said Katy.

 “Jellal do you have anymore?”

 “No, I gave the rest to Gajeel. We need to find something. Do you want to come, Katy?” asked Jellal.

“Yes! We are a family!” Katy exclaimed.

“Yeah, we are..” I whispered as I grabbed Jellal’s hand.

“What are we looking for?” asked Katy.

“The Anima in this world. We can then send the lacrim back home,” Jellal said as he teleported outside a large city.

“Wow.. This is Edolas..” I said.

“A palace of limited magic..” Jellal whispered.

“Is that the reason for Anima?” Katy asked.

“Yes, they wanted all the magic to themselves..”

“… I understand them wanting it, but hurting people to get it is wrong..”

“The townspeople don’t know.”

“.. Poor people then..”

“I hope we can tell them one day…:”

“Yeah,” Jellal said as we teleported into a hallway.

“Will it be in the castle?” I asked.

“It might, but it could be outside.. We might want to split up,” Jellal said as he let go off my hand.

Ray The Dragon Princess 2.0: I’m Home!

As everyone disappears before her eyes, Erza came over to her and invited her to the guild. Wendy accepted the request, and everyone headed back to their guild.
When we get close to the guild, I say, “Sorry guys, I’m going up ahead.” I teleport in front of the guild, and went inside.
 “Welcome back, Ray. Where is everyone else,” said Mirajane.
“I had to come ahead,” I said as I teleported downstairs to find Jellal reading, “Hey.”

“Hey. You back..” Jellal said as he walked up to me.

“Sorry, that I never told you…” I said as I hugged Jellal.

“Well at least you all are safe,” Jellal said as he pulled me tighter.

“Jellal… I got two new marks..” I said with a weairy smile.

“Yeah, from who?” asked Jellal.

“Wendy and Cobra, or Erik,” I said as I looked down.

“Wendy..?” asked Jellal.

“You know her, don’t you. You took care of her, when her dragon left her… She is coming here, today..” I said.

“.. I never thought she would come here…” Jellal whispered.

“They’re about to come up, let’s go see them,” I said as I teleported upstairs to where nobody could see Jellal, “I’ll be back..” I teleported to Natsu and the rest once they entered.

“Ray,” Katy said as he flew to me.

“Hey, Katy. Sorry I had to go talk to someone,” I said as I fluffed her head.

“Who is the new person?” Mirajane asked.
 “I’m Wendy and I’m a Sky Dragon Slayer,” Wendy answered.
When everyone heard Dragon Slayer the looks at me, “Yes, she is.”
“Yay, now we have 5 dragon slayers,” everyone shouted.

“C’mon,” I whispered in Katy’s ear, as Jellal and I teleported downstairs.

“She is here…” Jellal whispered.
“Who?” asked Katy.

“Wendy.. Jellal and Wendy were acquaintances,” I said as I sat down.

“It’s been a long day for you too. You two need to go to sleep,” Jellal said as he grabbed a blanket and threw it to me.

We layed down, and Jellal said, “Love you two.”

In the morning, Jellal was awake watching us.

“Goodmorning,” Jellal said as I sat up.

“Little Katy is not awake,” I said as I patted her head.

“Want to go on a job?” Jellal asked.

“We might want to wait until Katy wakes up,” I said as I was kissed by Jellal, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.. I’m just worried about Wendy..”

“It will be okay,” I said as Katy sat up.

“Goodmorning, Katy,” I said.

“G..Goodmorning,” Katy said while yawning.

“Want to go on a job?” Jellal asked.

“Sure..” Katy said as she flew up.

“Katy, do you want to pick?” I asked.

“Sure,” Katy said as she flew to get a job. She came back down with a flyer, and we all went on it.

Bliss Ending: Dewro

“You seems apprehensive.. Since you saw your brother..” I whispered.

“I do?”

“Yeah.. Your brother and I have never really liked each other.. I don’t want either of you to be sad, even if it is my enemy,” I said with a smile.

Fen laughed and said, “The only reason you would do that is because you are Ray.”

Fen smiled, and told me, “Ray can you follow me.. I want to see something..” Fen took my hand, and ran toward my garden.

“Our Garden?” I asked.

“Supposedly there is a rose that has a sweet smelling dew. I want to see it,”  Fen said as he opened the door outside.

“Wait!” I said as I pulled him closer inside.

“What is it, Ray?” Fen asked.

“You’re a vampire, you will burn in the sun. Put on a jacket, or a hat,” I said as I pointed to the jacket rack.

“Oh, okay,” Fen said as he grabbed a jacket and put it on.

“Now we can go outside,” I said as we stepped outside.

“Wow, you have a lot of flowers,” Fen said as he looked at some of the lavenders.

“Emma gave me most of these.. We grew them together.. I’ve been taking care of them since..” I said as I looked at the roses, “But I never knew we had a dewro.”

“A dewro?” Fen asked.

“It’s a flower with a dew. A rose with a dew is called a dewro. A lavender with a dew is called a dewla. They all have a different name,” I said as I walked over to the second patch roses.

“Ray, I think I found it,” Fen said as he grabbed my hand, and pulled me over to rose.

I smelt it, and said, “Yep, it is a dewro alright.”

“It smells really nice..” Fen said with a smile.

“Yeah..” I whispered.

“It seems like we got ourselves a vampire couple,” someone behind us, in a hood, said.

“What in the world?!” I exclaimed as she threw silver on us.

“Gah-” Both Fen and I exclaimed.

“Fen’s in more pain, he is exposed to the sun..” I thought.

“Take me! You’re going to kill him!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, we got someone who will risk their life,” he said.

“Ray! You can’t!” Fen exclaimed.

“Ray?” she asked.

“Y-You know my name?” I asked.

“I never knew you were still okay,” she said as removed the silver.

“Why are you doing this?” Fen asked.
“Fen? Ray? You really do not remember me?” she asked as she removed her hood.

“E-Emma!?” I exclaimed.

Eclipse: Bonded Forever

“Goodnight..” Sora whispered as he kissed Shoki on the forehead. Shoki, then, fell asleep.

When Shoki woke up in the morning, Sora was holding her close to him. The room was still the same color.

“It’s warm..” Shoki whispered. Sora grunted a little, then opened his eyes. “Sorry.. Did I wake you?”

“No.. I was already awake..” Sora answered.

“.. I didn’t freeze the room..” Shoki whispered.

“I see that..” Sora whispered.

“Sora.. Can I stay in your arms?” Shoki asked.

“Sure..” Sora answered. Shoki put her head under his. They stayed there for a few minutes.

“.. I want to go on a date with you..” Shoki told Sora.

“Well, it’s sunday.. We can, if you want to,” Sora replied.

“Yes, please,” Shoki replied as they sat up.

“Well we need to get ready. I’ll go change in the closet,” Sora spoke as Shoki grabbed his wrist.

“I trust you.. If you trust me, then you can do it in here..” Shoki told him as she started to blush.

“D-Do you really mean… that?” Sora asked as he looked down and blushed.

“N-Not like that!” Shoki exclaimed, “I mean.. We can stay in the same room, if we trust each other..”

“.. Well I trust you.. I guess we can..” Sora whispered.

“Okay,” Shoki articulated as the sat on the other side of the bed from each other. The got ready, without looking at each other.

“A-Are you done?” Shoki asked after she finished.

“Y-Yeah,” Sora answered.

“Well.. We can go then,” Shoki spoke as they both made their way to the door.

“Let’s go,” Sora spoke as he grabbed Shoki’s hand.

“Okay,” Shoki told as they set off.on their date.

“Where do you want to go?” Sora asked.

“Hmm.. How about we go shopping?” Shoki suggested.

“Shopping? For what?” Sora asked.

“We could learn more about each other, like if I like something in the window, that could give you an idea of what I like,” Shoki explained.

“I get it. We could learn more about each other, with this date,” Sora told as they reached the first shop, which was a jewelry shop.

“Wow.. This shop sells jewelry with real gems in it!” Shoki exclaimed as she looked at the necklaces.

“You really like jewelry..” Sora told as he started to look at the jewelry.

“Yeah..” Shoki told as one necklace caught her attention. It was a heart-shaped necklace that came in two pieces.

“You like that one?” the shopkeeper asked, “You can engrave your initials and your boyfriends initials.”

“Really?” Shoki asked.

“I can do it right now, if you’d like,” the shopkeeper offered.

“How much will it be?” Shoki asked.

“It’s only 200 yen,” the shopkeeper told Shoki.

“I’ll take it,” Shoki spoke with a smile.

“What are your initials?” the shopkeeper asked.

“His is TS and mine is SS,” Shoki told the shopkeeper.

“Okay, give me a minute, and I’ll get it back to you,” the shopkeeper told her.

“Thank you,” Shoki replied as she walked over to Sora.

“You done?” Sora asked.

“Not yet,” Shoki said as she smiled at Sora.

“What did you buy?” Sora asked.

“Nothing yet, but I do have something I’m waiting on. It’ll be done in a minute or so,” Shoki answered.

“Okay, I think we can look around for a minute,” Sora said as they continued to look at the jewelry.

“Okay, ma’am, I’m finished,” the shopkeeper articulated.

“Oh okay,” Shoki vocalised as she went to the cash register. She pulled out a 200 yen bill, and handed it to the shopkeeper.

“Here you go,” the shopkeeper ejaculatory as he gave Shoki a box with the necklaces in it.

“Thank you,” Shoki spoke.

“No, thank you. Come back soon,” the shopkeeper told as they left.

“What did you buy?” Sora asked.

“I’ll show you,” Shoki told as she sat on a bench, “Close your eyes.”

Sora sat on the bench beside her and told, “Okay.” He closed his eyes. She pulled out the heart with the TS initials on it, and put on his neck. She, then, put the one with SS initials, on her neck.

“Okay, you can open your eyes,” Shoki told as he opened his eyes. He looked at the necklaces.

“You got these?” Sora asked.

“Yeah.. To me, jewelry is something that can’t be lost.. Our love can’t be lost,” Shoki spoke as she held onto his hand.

“Shoki..” Sora whispered as he kissed Shoki.

“Let’s go to the next shop,” Shoki phrased as they started for the next shop.

They went to several other shops, and it was sunset by the time they were done.

Bliss Ending: Only If You Knew

Soon my door broke, and Junjen appeared.

“Little Brother! Why are you here!” Junjen exclaimed.

“Junjen! Why are you here?!” Fen exclaimed.

“Vampires need to die!” exclaimed Junjen.

“.. Only if you knew Junjen..” I said.

“Knew what?” asked Junjen.

“I’m a vampire,” Fen said with a smile.

“M-My little brother, is a vampire?! What have you done to him, Ray?!” exclaimed Junjen.

“He told me he wanted to do it, so I did it..” I said.

“I-Is it true, Fen?” asked Junjen.

“Yes,” Fen replied.

“W-Why?” asked Junjen.

“You would do the same for the person you love,” Fen answered.

“Did you trace him?!” exclimed Junjen.

“No, I’m a genuine vampire. Only vampires who were turned can trance a person,” I told Junjen.

“.. Why my little brother? Why him? Why not someone else?” Junjen asked.

“It was just fate that we met..” I said.

“.. Fine..” Junjen said as he left.

“I’m sorry, Junjen..” Fen whispered.

“It’s okay, Fen.. He will be okay,” I said as I grabbed Fen’s hand, and squeezed it.

“It’s just sad..that I have to do this to my brother..” Fen said.

“I know.. It was hard for me to turn you… I know it must be hard for you..” I said as I leaned on Fen.

“Ray… Thank you..” Fen said as he leaned into my chest and cried.

A little shocked, I said, “It’s okay… I will always be here for you..” Fen sat up, and wiped his tears.

“I love you, Ray..” Fen whispered.

“I love you, too, Fen..” I said as I kissed Fen, “Fen.. Follow me.”

“Where are we going?” Fen asked me as I pulled him downstairs.

“You need to drink a plasma pack.. You’ve been turned for about an hour or so.. You’re also not trained to use less blood,” I said as we went into a sectret hole.

“Is this where you keep it?” Fen asked me as I grabbed two packets.

“Yeah, my parents want me to drink from humans but as we know.. I don’t want to harm humans,” I said as I handed Fen a packet. Fen bite into the packet, and started to drink it.

“It’s not that bad..” Fen said a little strange.

“You’re not use to the chuncks of fish and frog, are you?”

“No.. but if it was just this then it would be fine..”

“You seems apreheniseve.. Since you saw your brother..” I whispered.

Eclipse: They Know

Sora held Shoki’s hand as they walked toward home.

“Hey, Shoki,” Sora whispered.

“What is it, Sora?” Shoki asked.

“Can we go back to our spot? I want to be alone with you..” Sora whispered.
“Sure..” Shoki told as they close their eyes. Sora teleported them back to where they first kissed.

“Can we try again..” Sora asked.

“I want to.. But what happens if I accidentally freeze time..” Shoki whispered.

“We’ll deal with that if it come to it..” Sora whispered to her as he put his hand behind her head.

“Okay..” Shoki whispered as Sora kissed Shoki.

When they pulled apart, the area still had color.

“I didn’t freeze time..” Shoki whispered in relief.

“Maybe you gained more control..” Sora whispered as he kissed Shoki again. The sat on their knees and kissed each other.

They pulled apart to find the color still there.

“I think.. When I made time go forward, I might have gained more control..” Shoki whispered as she put her head under his.

“What do you mean by freezing time?” a voice from behind the tree told.

“W-Who’s there!” Shoki exclaimed.

“Shoki-san.. Sora-kun..” the voice told as Takara-san came into our view. Then Ken-san, and Rita-san.

“W-What are you girls doing?!” Shoki exclaimed.
“We followed you two to see what you two did.. Then you two vanished, and we just came here. You two were talking about time freezing and going forward..” Rita-san answered. Shoki and Sora sat straight up, and looked down.

“Can I tell them?” Shoki asked Sora.

“Yes..” Sora whispered.

“Do you want to see?” Shoki asked as she looked at the girls and offered her hand.

“See what?” Ken-san asked.

“Time frozen,” Shoki answered.

“… Okay..” Rita-san articulated as she put her hand on Shoki’s hand.

“What about you girls?” Shoki asked Ken-san and Takara-san.
“.. Fine..” Ken-san stated as she put her hand on top of Rita-san’s hand.

“.. Will it do anything to us?” Takara-san asked.

“I don’t know.. I’ve never brought regular people in..” Shoki answered.
“.. I’ll trust you..” Takara-san told as she out her hand on top of Ken-san’s hand.

“Ready?” Shoki asked as the girls nodded. Shoki closed her eyes, and thought about time freezing. The area lost its color.
“W-Why did it turn gray!” Rita-san exclaimed.

“Time is frozen..” Shoki told them, as her and Sora stood up.

“We’re Noros.. People with special abilities.. Shoki’s special ability is time-seeing. Allowing her to back in time, to the future, or to pause it.. Kume’s ability is healing, and mine is teleportation..” Sora told them.

“When did you figure that out?” Ken-san asked.

“.. Everything changed the day Sora came to my home..” Shoki started, “When my parents died.. Someone who hunts us, killed them.. That was the day my ability activated.. Kume’s ability activated when she found a dead animal..”

“You’re being hunted?” Takara-san asked.

“.. Yes.. By a guy called Kuraga.. He wants to sell us for money to some far away place..” Sora answered, “Then we’ll probably be killed..”

“..” Rita-san sighed.

“.. My ability was very strong.. It grew out of control.. Remember when I couldn’t go to school, the day we were suppose to collect the votes?” Shoki asked.

“Yeah..” Takara-san answered.

“.. That day was because I paused time.. I didn’t know it until Kume woke me up..” Shoki started, “I went into the future with Kume and Sora.. It always happened when I was very calm, or very panicked.. I’ve just now got control of my ability..”

“.. Shoki-san..” Takara-san whispered.

“Shoki.. You might want to let time resume.. You’re going to hurt yourself otherwise..” Sora told Shoki.

“I’m fine..” Shoki replied as she walked up to the girls, “I’m sorry about not telling you.. I couldn’t.. If other people found out about us, we might have been dead..”

“Shoki-san..” Takara-san whispered as she hugged her, “I’m sorry that you had to tell us.. I promise you, I will not tell anyone..”

“.. Yeah, I think all of us think the same..” Ken-san voiced as she joined the hug.

“I promise..” Rita-san phrased as she, also, joined the hug.

“Girls..” Shoki whispered, “Thank you..” A tear slipped down from her eye. The let go of her, and Shoki wiped her eye.

“Shoki..” Sora whispered.

“I’ll restore time to here,” Shoki voiced as she closed her eyes. Then, the color returned to the area. Shoki collapsed, and fell into Sora’s arms.

“I told you..” Sora whispered.

“.. I’m fine.. I just need to sleep..” Shoki whispered.

“Does this happen all the time?” Ken-san asked.

“It depends on how long she had time frozen, and what she did,” Sora answered, “She did it long enough to where it takes a toll on her body.. Well we need to go..”

“See you on Monday?” Takara-san asked.

“Yeah..” Shoki answered as she closed eyes.

“We’ll see you later,” Sora voiced as he closed his eyes, and teleported away. He teleported them to their room. “You really need to be careful..”

“It doesn’t hurt me..I just get tired..” Shoki whispered.

“I’m just telling you.. One day it will take a toll on your body..” Sora warned.

“If you’re by my side.. It wouldn’t hurt me..” Shoki voiced as she put her forehead against Sora’s forehead.

“.. Just.. Be careful..” Sora whispered.

“I’ll try..” Shoki whispered as she kissed Sora.

“You need to get some rest..” Sora whispered as he helped Shoki into the bed, “Love you..”

“Love you, too..” Shoki whispered as she closed her eyes.

“Goodnight..” Sora whispered as he kissed Shoki on the forehead. Shoki, then, fell asleep.

Ray The Dragon Princess 2.0: 6th Lacrim

“O stars far and wide… Show me thy appearance… With such shine. Oh Tetrabiblos…  I am the ruler of the stars… Aspect become complete… Open thy malevolent gate. O 88 Stars of the heaven…  Shine! Urano Metria!” said Lucy casting the Urano Metria spell.
With Angel down Lucy goes over to me and Natsu.

“We’re not done yet,” said Angel as she tries to cast a magic spell but fail, but she does manage to move the raft to fall over of the waterfall. Lucy goes down the waterfall with me and Natsu. When me, Natsu, and Lucy wake up we find that our wounds have been healed and our clothes were changed.
 “Virgo was this your doing,” Lucy asked Virgo.

 “Yes, I came through the gate through my own magic power,” said Virgo, “Well I have to go, princess.”

  “Thank you, Virgo.,” Lucy said as Virgo went back to the Celestial Spirit World.

“Marinet Attack,” said Sherry. I roll over to the side to dodge her attack.

 “Sherry stop this, Lyon is alive,” said Gray.

  “Your right Gray, I’m alive,” said Lyon as he walked out of the forest with racer.

 “Lyon,” said Sherry as she reverted back to her normal self.

“We’re here too,” said Happy and Katy as he dragged Hibiki out of the river.

“Everyone look the black light turned to white,” said Wendy as they followed Happy, Katy, and Hibiki.

 “Umm.. That thing is turning into a spider looking thing that moves,” I said. Everyone holds onto the legs of Nirvana, but me and Natsu suffer from motion sickness and fall. Luckly, Katy and Happy helped me and Natsu get to the top only to find Brain telling Cobra to take care of me and Natsu.

 “Hmm.. A battle with the princess and her friends,” said Cobra.

 “Will you not call me that name,” I said.

 “Come on, sis, let’s just beat him up.”


We fight for a while until Cobra says “The 2cd generation dragons slayers are the true dragon slayers.”

 Angry at Cobra, Natsu said,” Igneel is still alive.”

 “I’m going to use a Fire Dragon’s Roar,” I hear Natsu thinking. When Cobra hears this he grabs Natsu’s head trying to make him hit the ground 10 meters below him, Natsu let’s out a roar of a dragon, with mine and Cobra’s hearing we were knocked out. Happy and Natsu fall down to the ground, as well as Katy. With Natsu motion sickness kicking in, we find Brain blasting a spell through Cobra.

 “You lost to a pathetic guild, you should be ashamed,” Me and Cobra heard Brian say.

With me barely able to get up, I say, “Natsu what was that?”

“I have no clue, it just happened.”

 “You know how bad that hurt my ears.”

“Oh, I forgot you had it enabled,” he said.

 Katy and Happy pick us up off Nirvania we find the staff that brain had it said, “My name is Klouda, and I’m the 7th member of the Orica Seic. We chose Cait Shelter as the first guild to destroy because they are the descendants of the Nirivits, able of re-sealing the Nirvania.”

Then Klouda started attacking us as he started to think,” Oh no, none of the other members are up, Zero is going to come out.”

“Who is Zero,” I asked.

“I’m Zero,” says Zero as he blast Klouda.

“Die!” said Zero as he started to attack everyone, I managed to dodge every attack.

“Natsu, everyone, are you okay?” I asked. I turned around to see everyone knocked out, and when i turned back around I was knocked out. When we wake up we learn that there is lacrimans that power the nirvania, Natsu is going after the 1st, Gray the 2cd,  Lucy the 3rd, Ichiya the 4th, Erza 5th, and Jellal and me 6th.

Me and Jellal head toward the 6th lacrim, but instead Wendy said “Jellal wanted me to go with you.”

 “I bet he wanted to go do something with the first lacrim,” i said.

 “Why would he go to Mr. Natsu’s lacrim,” Wendy said.

 “Those two have a bad past. Come on we talk the rest of the way,” I say as we head toward the 6th lacrim.

“You said you know Jellal, how do you know him?” I asked.

 “When I was little, Jellal took me in after my dragon left me on July, x777. But one day he mention “anima” and said where he was going to do something dangerous. So he left me at Cait Shelter, and now i’m here,” said Wendy.

“Did you know Jellal has a twin brother who looks like exactly like him, they’re both called Jellal. This Jellal knowes Erza, and he was evil. The one you know is my Boyfriend, and he was a member of Fairy Tail,” I said.

“For real, but he said he was going somewhere dangerous,” Wendy said.

 “We always go on really dangerous jobs. Come on we’re almost there,” I said running the rest of the way there.

“Okay Wendy, you ready?” I said.

 “I can’t use magic,” Wendy said.

“Wendy stand in this stance, then do this, and say Sky Dragon’s Roar. That is one of the easiest attacks,” I said, “Come on you can do it. let’s do it on one.”

 “Three, Two, One,” I said.

 “Sky Dragon’s Roar,” both me and Wendy said as we destroyed the lacrim.
When we hit it the whole thing started shaking, Hibiki start a telepathic link with everyone, “Everyone okay.”

“Yeah,” exclaimed everyone.

“We need to get out of here,” I said as Hibiki end the telepathic link, and as Wendy and I try to make it out. Katy and Charlu come to help us get out of the Nirvania. When we got out we gather together on the ground. We all rest a bit, until the new magic council comes to arrest Hoteye and Jellal. Everyone protest against arresting them, saying that they helped us destroy the nirvania. Instead we get into a fight, and they say to arrest us. At Erza request she let’s Jella get arrested. We all aboard the Christina.
 When we get back to Cait Shelter we try to celebrate, but instead Cait Shelter’s Master say,” We are not the descendants of the nirivits, we are the nirivits.” He goes on to explain that his job was to get rid of the nirvana and that he would disappear once his task was over. Wendy and Charlu get sad as they see everyone disappear before their eyes.

“I created this guild for Wendy, so she could stay safe.” As everyone disappears before her eyes, Erza came over to her and invited her to the guild. Wendy accepted the request, and everyone headed back to their guild.

Ray The Dragon Princess 2.0: Piri Piri

“Erza are you okay,” said Lucy.

 “She has poison spreading through her body,” I told her, ”Charlu does Wendy use Healing Magic?”

“Yes, she does, why?” Charlu asked.

 “I’m going to heal Erza,” I said.

“You can do that?” asked Charlu.

“Yeah..” I said as I walked over to Erza. I started to heal her.

“You okay, Erza,” I asked.

 “Now I am,” Erza said.

“Ho-How?” asked Charlu.

“I don’t know how really. I just know I can do it, because of the symbols on my back,” I said as I showed her, “Erza we need to get going. We can’t split off more than 3 people, so Erza chose wisely.”

“Yeah, I know,” Erza said, “Ray, Natsu, Gray, and Charlu are team one. Lucy, Hibiki, and Me team two. Lyon, Katy, and Sherry team three. Jura, Ran, and Eve are team four.”

“Okay then, let’s get going,” Jura said as he ran off with his team.

“Okay let’s go everyone,” I said, “Let’s go this way.” We headed north from where we were.

 “I can’t find Wendy,” I said.

“Where would they be?” Natsu said. We walk for a bit until we were surrounded by the guild Naked Mummy.

“Look Big Brother it’s that guild that the girl that messed with us is from,” said one of the monkeys.

 “Then let’s play with them,” said another one of the monkeys.

 “Heh, this will be fun,” said Natsu.

 “Let’s get them,” said Gray.

 “Yeah,” I said.

“Is that all you do, break things,” said Charlu. We fight the Naked Mummy guild and go back to searching.

When we were done fighting Gray runs off somewhere, while I walk backwards and say,” Natsu, I think I found her. That way.” We go East, to find a cave.

“In there. But when we go in be careful, I sense the poison dragon in there too,” I said.

“Okay we’ll just grab Wendy and Happy, and get out of there,” said Natsu. We head toward the cave, to find Wendy and Happy laying down on the ground, and we also find Earth-land Jellal.

“.. He must be the Earth-Land Jellal… Jellal is at the guild, do not worry,” I thought.

We grab Wendy and Happy and run out of there.

 “Hibiki we found them, and there base of operation,” I tell Hibiki as he contacts me.

 “I’m sending both of you the coordinates to where we are,” said Hibiki.

 “Natsu a maps going to be uploaded into your head, it will tell us where Hibiki is,” I told him.

 “How… oh, you mean this,” he asked pointing to a download bar.

“Yeah,” I said as the map was downloaded into our heads. We head toward Lucy’s group, we lay Wendy and Happy down.

“Wendy, Happy are you okay,” I asked as I healed them. Wendy and Happy  wake up to find me healing them.

“How do you use that power,” Wendy asked.

“I actually have no clue, I just am able to use the power on the back of my neck,” I replied as I showed her the mark on my neck.

 “Natsu, what’s that light,” I asked.

“I don’t know,” said Natsu

“I bet it’s Jellal,” I heard him say in his mind.

 “Natsu, please don’t,” I said.

“Sorry, sis, I have to,” Natsu said as he ran toward the light. I ran after him making sure he does not hurt Jellal. When we get close to the light we see the big Nirvana.

 “What in the world is that, sis,” Natsu said.

 “Nirvana, the machine that turns dark to light or light to dark,” I said.

 “Look there’s Jellal, let’s get him.”  

“Why do you hold a grudge against him?”

“He was the leader of the Tower Of Heaven.”

“He was, so he was the one who wanted to sacrifice his own friend. Well that’s why you don’t want Erza to meet Jellal again,” I said.  

“How do you know that,” Natsu said.

“I told you I can hear the thoughts of everyone when I have poison dragon slayer magic because of the poison magic.”

 “Oh you did, Well let’s go,” said Natsu.

“Wait Natsu, Grays over there, let’s go help him,” I said. We run over to Gray who was on a raft. We walk onto the raft not realizing that it would make us sick.

 “Natsuuuu.. Ugh,” I said. In a few minutes Lucy, and Hibiki with a unconscious Wendy.

“Natsu, Ray, Gray what is happening,” said Lucy, “Gray, what are you doing get up.”

“Ice Make: Arrows,” Gray says.

 “Open Gate of the Horseman: Sagittarius,” Lucy says as she summons Sagittarius. Sagittarius fires arrows to destroy the ice arrows. Angel, one of the Ocion Seic, came out beside Gray.

“Gray what is going on,” Lucy asked, “Why are you teaming with angel?”

 “Piri Piri,” says Gray as he transforms into Lucy.

“What me?” said Lucy.

“This is the celestial spirit twins, gemini,” said Angel.

“Sagittarius attack Lucy,” said Gemini.

Sagittarius attacks Lucy, “I’m sorry Lady Lucy I have no control over my body.”

 “It’s okay, Force Gate Closer Sagittarius,” said Lucy.

“Open Gate of the Horseman: Sagittarius,” said Gemini.

“I’m at your service ,Lady Lucy,” said Sagittarius,”Wait I was just here.”

“Force Gate Closer Sagittarius,” said Lucy.

“You can’t close a gate that you did not open,” said Angel.

 “Open Gate of the Water Bearer: Aquarius,” said Lucy as she summoned Aquarius.

“Force Gate Closer Gemini, you need to know the relationships between celestial spirits, Open Gate of the Scorpion: Scorpio,” said Angel as she summoned Scorpio.

“Scorpio!” said Aquarius.

 “Let me guess this is the boyfriend you talk about,” said Lucy.

 “Nice to meet you, Aquarius’s owner,” said Scorpio as Aquarius and him close there own gates.

  “Hay, Aquarius I need you,” Lucy said,” Fine, Open Gate of the Lion: Loke.” After Lucy said that Loke was summoned.

 “As I said you need to know the relationships between your celestial spirits, Open Gate of the Ram: Aries,” said Angel as she summoned Aries.

 “Aries, how did you get her spirit,” Lucy said.

 “I was the one who killed Karen,” said Angel.

 “Loke you can go back,” said Lucy.

“No, I’m your celestial spirit. We listen to our master orders, even if we have to fight a friend,” said Loke.

 “He is correct, I’m Sorry,” said Aries. Aries and Loke battle it out until Angel had one of her other spirits blasted Aries and Loke.

“Lucy, wait a minute,” said Hibiki as he downloaded an advanced spell into Lucy’s head.

“O stars far and wide… Show me thy appearance… With such shine. Oh Tetrabiblos…  I am the ruler of the stars… Aspect become complete… Open thy malevolent gate. O 88 Stars of the heaven…  Shine! Urano Metria!” said Lucy casting the Urano Metria spell.