Ray’s Goodbye: Camilla and Kaza

“Closer than I think…?” I thought as my dreams went back to normal.

Morning came by, and I saw Jho look at me.

“….What is it, Jho?” I asked.

“…You were squirming throughout the night. Are you okay?” asked Jho.

“I’ve been having weird dreams lately…. They all have one thing in common, the guy from the forest is in it. He tells me things, like the first time to remember my past. Today he told me that I have an older brother, who is still alive….” I said.

“How can we belive him?”

“He knew my name, I never told him. He seemed to know a lot about me, that related to me being the girl of war.”

“What are we going to do? We don’t know who or what your brother looks like, or where he could be.”

“That’s all he told me.”

“Ray…. I just had a realization, my little sister had a best friends who had a bigger brother. My sister, and you look alot alike, kinda like my sister and her friend.”

“Are you trying to say, that I might be your little sister’s friend?”

“Maybe, it’s the only starting spot we have,”

“Okay, ummm, where did you grow up?”

“Follow me, I’ll show you,” said Jho as we walked toward the town outside the palace.

“My town was right around the palace. We will be there soon.”

“Okay,” I said as I grabbed Jho’s hand, and followed him.

We, soon, arrived at Jho’s old home to find a dusty house.

“Camilia lived right beside us, so let’s go and check to see if she is their. If she is not, then they might be your true family.”

“Okay,” I said as Jho knocked on the door. A little girl, about my age, came out to the door.

“Jho! Rachel?!” said the little girl as she jumped and hugged me.

“Umm….” I said.

“Camilla, Rachel died 15 years ago…” said Jho.

“Then why does she look like Rachel?” asked Camillia.

“I’m not Rachel, but I am Ray,” I said.

“Jho why did you come here?” asked Camillia

“Ray lost her memory when she was 12. She lived with the werewolves for 4 years, and she doesn’t know who is who. She did not even know she was human. We thought that maybe you, or your brother would know.”

“Let me go see if Kaza knows. Kaza!” said Camilla as she ran inside the house. A few minutes later a tall guy, about Jho’s height came out with Camellia.

“Jho! Wait! How is Rachel alive?!” exclaimed the tall guy, or Kaza.

“”I’m not Rachel, I’m Ray.” I said.

“That’s what I thought, big brother..” said Camillia.

“Why does she look like Rachel?” asked Kaza.

“Apparently the girl of war, can look like anyone she wants to,” I said.

“The Girl of War?!” exclaimed Kaza and Camillia.

“Yeah… raised by werewolves, and is the chief’s girl…” said Jho,

“That’s when I don’t remember anything…” I said.

“We came to see if you might have anything on her,” said Jho.

“It can’t be found within answers, it has to be found within bounds you once held,” said the forest guy behind us.

“Where do you come from?!” I exclaimed.

“Not important.” said the forest guy.

“Who in the world is he?!” exclaimed Kaza and Camillia.

“He is, supposedly, one of the people I knew from a different dimension,” I said.

“I did know you,” said the forest guy.

“What did you mean by the answers found only in the bounds she once held?” asked Jho.

“She needs to find out who her friends once were, and she will start to remember.”

“Be more specific. Who are my friends?”

“I’m sorry, that I do not know. The only thing I know is what I told you last night,” he said as he faded away.

“Again!” I exclaimed.

“Rac-Ray what did he tell you last night?” asked Camillia.

“He said that he knew I had an older brother, who is still alive. Jho said that I looked like you and his little sister, so we came here to see if their was any clues,” I said.

“The only person who could resemble you is Rachel,” said Kaza.

“Kaza…. Rachel died, unless the werewolf cut was not deep, there was no way she could have survived it,” said Jho.

“Anyway, thank you for your help. Me and Jho need to get going,” I said as I dragged Jho back to the palace.


Ray’s Goodbye: Clues to the Past

Jho brushed my hair, and tried to sit me up on his shoulder. He kissed me, and said, “Ray… We’ve been like this for a while… maybe we could go further…”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Of course!” I exclaimed, “Sorry..”

Jho laughed, and said, “It’s okay, Ray. I’m just happy that you said yes…. Mmm…”

“…Mmm… Jho…. What are we to do if one of us goes…”

“..Ray… It will not happen…. I promise you….. Neither of us are going to go…. If I love you, I will protect you..” Jho said as he kissed me.

“.. I’m sorry that I said that…. Mmmm….  Jho….. I want to find what happened in my past, can you help me?”

“Of course, Ray. You need to remember what happens when you were little.”

“Yeah, so I want to try and follow what that guy said. Remember my past, that’s what I want to do.”

“How do we do that thought?”

“I don’t know. We just have to try. It’s just an adventure.”

“Where do we begin?”

“We start at my home town, Suhdia. It was the first place I remember.”
“Okay, do you know how to get back their?”

“Yeah, follow me,” I said as I grabbed Jho’s hand, and dragged him into the forest. I dragged him to my town where there was nothing.

“It’s still sad that they all had to leave here. It’s been 15 years, and they never had to leave. I’ve been in this village 4 years, I even thought I was born here. Being 16 means I had 12 years of life before this village.”

“Where was your house? Their might be a clue to where you came from.”

“Yeah, follow me,” I said as I lead us to a big house, “This place brings back memories…”

“Let’s go inside, nothing could be outside.”

“Okay,” I said as we walked inside. We looked everywhere in the house, and found nothing.

“Wow, they did not want anyone to find out about your past. Ray, do you remember where you first were?” asked Jho.

“Yeah, it was right in front of my house. My dad said something about not knowing what to do with me.”

“..hmm… There are really no clues…”

“It’s okay, at least I know that we tried…”

“I’m sorry Ray… I really wish I could help you…”

“I’m serious, Jho….. I’m just happy that we tried…. Let’s just go home…”

“….Okay…” whispered Jho as we walked back to the palace.  

When we got back there, I went straight to bed. I had a different dream than normal.

“It seems you have tried to fail,” said the forest guy.

“…Yeah… We went together to still fail…” I said.

“I saw. Life does not always go according to plan. Find somewhere, where you were before.”

“We went to the place where I first remember, their was still nothing.”

“Before that. I know one thing about your past here, you have an older brother that is alive. He may be closer than you think,” said the forest guy as he faded away.

“Closer than I think…?” I thought as my dreams went back to normal.

Morning came by, and I saw Jho look at me.

Ray The Dragon Princess: “H-How..”

 “E.N.D.” said Lucy.

 “Correct, created by me and Zeref. Reviving my twin brother, and Zeref’s little brother,” I said.

 “Wait Zeref is your brother Natsu,” said Erza.

 “Apparently..” said Natsu.

 “As I told you and Lucy. The two of you would not believe me, right now you have no trust in me. I can hear all of what you think. Why are you like this, Ray? What is your intentions here? As I said I’m too late. Natsu left his E.N.D. form that has taken place. I’m also curious to what he will chose,” I said.

 “What in the hell are you talking about,” said Gray.

 “Oh, well if you have payed attention, Natsu has fainted. He will not wake up, until he’s chosen. Will he be our demon, a dragon, or a human in Fairy Tail. It’s up to him, and what his subconscious is telling him,” I said, “Well I’ll be taking my leave.” I teleported away from the rest of the group to find Zerf looking for something.

 “Zeref, what is wrong?” I asked.

 “Mavis got away,” said Zeref.

 “She did?!” I said. Me and Zeref soon fall to the ground. Zeref telepathically tells somebody, “Ranked cease this at once. You are getting our allies.”

 The heat soon goes away, and I asked Zeref, “What magic was that?”

 “It’s Ranked’s magic. He uses pleasure magic, or he uses magic to make you crave something,” said Zeref, “Nobody can resist the urge to eat or sleep. And people who have already tasted the heat pleasure, can’t escape it.”

 “Yet, we’ve experienced it,” I said.

 “Yes..” said Zeref.

 “Let’s stop. I have a feeling Natsu will be here soon. And that Eline will soon perish,” I said. Soon as we walk in the guild, the white light from before shines. When the light goes away, We are in Fairy Tail, but the philosophy is back to normal.

 “You were correct, Eline has perished,” said Zeref.

 “Not just by anyone, but by the hands of Anatolia,” I said as I smelled Acnologia’s presence.

 “Seem’s like August is all that’s left,” said Zeref.

 “Correct, our little army may lose to the humans. The Dragon King will soon do something, but we will win,” I said. A few minutes later Gray lens against the door.

 “How would have suspected it was you, who would come first. Seems like Ray was wrong for once,” said Zeref.

 “Well that’s 387 to 1,” I said a little disappointed.

 “Would the two of you mind leaving,” said Gray, “You’re sitting in my spot.”

 “Probably, the worst outcome, Natsu.” I said.

 “Yep, Gray. Natsu’s best friend. Your parents and Master killed by our demons. You despise us don’t you,” said Zeref.

 “It seem’s Ray, told you all this,” said Gray.

 “Nope, we find all this information. I’ll tell him small details,” I said.

 “Like Lucy Heartfilia. Descendant of a close friend of ours. Anna, a person worthy of cheering up, and raising Natsu,” Zeref said, “Happy, Natsu’ partner. They all trust each other more than anything. Erza… Wendy… Gajeel.. We know every major opponent of ours.”

 “Compared to you, we lack intel on our enemy. What are you really aiming for?” asked Gray.

 “Do you really need an answer?” asked Zeref.

 “We want Mavis’s magic power. You want to protect her, that’s the reason to fight us,” I said.

 “Why, is the question,” said Gray.

 “To defeat my dragon,” I said.

 “That’s not funny,” said Gray.

 “In the End we will be able to defeat Acanggolia. But that is not our true goal. We want to save Natsu from dieing 400 years ago. We want to not be immortal. In the end we will be able to defeat Acnologia,” Zeref told Gray.

 “What the?!” said Gray.

 “Your the first person to know about this plan,” I said.

 “Do you even know why we told you. Natsu is heading here right now, as Ray said. He will see his best friends dead, so he either will kill us. Or we go back in time to save him,” Zeref said.

 “Well then I will freeze you, instead,” said Gray.

 “Huh.. You presume to use Ice Shell. Well let’s see what happens when Natsu gets here in 5.. 4… 3… 2… 1..” I said as Natsu knocked Gray down.

 “I’ve stopped you from using that magic power once. You should have learned by now,” said Natsu. Lucy and Happy appear behind him.

 “Let’s do this. I don’t care what fate is, I will burn it to ashes,” said Natsu. Me and Zeref smirk and go red eyed.

 “Happy, Lucy, Gray. You guys get going, I need you to help everyone else,” said Natsu. Me, Zeref, and Natsu go into a big head on fight. Zeref gets one hit on Natsu until we feel him.

 “He’s here. The Dragon King, Acnologia,” I stated. We continue the fight ignoring the fact, Acnologia is out there.

 “Stygian Blast Circle,” said Me and Zeref in unison.

 “Hmm.. Seems like Mavis is coming to us,” I said. Ranked comes in and Zeref kills him. “You interrupt my fun, you are just a demon. A creation made long ago, attempting to recreate, Natsu,” said Zeref.

 “It seems like neither of you will back down. I’ve got a way to stop, Ray, at the least,” said Natsu.

 “It seems you were right, Ray. You hinted that this would happen one day,” said a voice from in front of me.

 “J-Jellal?!” I said.

 “I managed to get back here,” said Jellal. I fall to the ground, speechless.

 “I should have killed him, when I had the chance a year ago. Well I’ll just fight, Natsu,” said Zeref as he attacked Natsu.

 Jellal comes over to me, and says, “You very well hinted, that something like this would happen later in the future. Before Natsu got here, he asked if someone could get in contact with me. He knew that I was the only one who could stop you.”

 “J-Jellal.. I missed you, so much,” I said hugging Jellal.

 “It’s okay, Ray. You will be okay,” said Jellal as he teleported us outside the guild.

 Jellal kissed me and said, “During our time apart, I found a way to get back here. It’s very easy, now that I’m not prince there anymore.”

 “You are not the prince?” I said.

 “Yeah, if I wanted to come save you. I have to stay here, I can’t go back,” Jellal said.

 “It’s all my fault. I made you have to stay in this world,” I said shamefully.

 “Ray, no it’s not. I came here mainly because I wanted to stay with you. I could not let you go. If I lost you to the world, my life would be nothing,” said Jellal as he kisses me.

 “Jellal..” I said. After reuniting with Jellal, my body started to glow. When the light stopped shining, I was knocked out. When I woke up, I was chained to a wall, looking at the other 7 dragon slayers.

 “Seem’s the princess has waken up,” said a voice from below.

 “A-Acnologia,” I said.

 “This was the time, I was suppose to meet you. Not before now,” said Acnologia.

 “Fire Dragon’s Roar,” said Natsu.

 “Natsu.. It’s useless. Acnologia uses all types of magic,” I said.

 “For once more, the princess is correct,” said Acnologia.

 “All magic,” said Sting.

 “Correct,” I said.

 “Let me guess. The guy who took your memories away, gave them back?” said Acnologia.

 “Yes… I remember. I know why he took them away from me now,” I said. Zeref, my older brother, took my memories away. To make me not turn to Acnologia’s side. I was once evil, wanting to kill all dragons. Taking the name dragon princess on, wanting to seek destruction.

Ray The Dragon Princess: Fairy Heart

 “You are no longer capable of stopping us,” thought Zeref, “Goodbye… Natsu.” Imber comes up behind us. “There is no one left cable of stopping us, so I have no need to wait any longer,” said Zeref, “Get their troops moving. We make for Fairy Tail, we need the magic sauce Fairy Heart.”

 “Yes, sir,” said Imber.

 “Ray, can you get me a outfit fitting for an emperor,” asked Zeref.

 “Okay,” I said putting a new illusion outfit on Zeref. I put on a new illusion outfit that I can fight in.

 “Okay all done,” I said.

 “Oh, I need to speak to Elaine,” said Zeref. Zeref walks over to a girl with scarlet hair.

 “Eline, I need you to make sure, Ray gets to Fairy Tail also when you activate it,” said Zeref.

 “Who is Ray?” asked Eline.

 “She is my little sister. She is the dragon princess, you could say she is akin to you,” said Zeref.

 “What do you mean?” I asked.

 “She is the creator of Dragon Slayer Magic, she is just like the king,” said Zeref.

 “Oh. now I see,” I said.

 “Dragon Princess, Ray,” said Eline.

 “Hmm… Why is there a dragon slayer nearby? From the east,” I said.

 “God Srenia, seems like you do not have all those powers,” said Zeref.

 “Nope, I’m also curious how I can never sense Acnagolia or Eline,” I said.

 “That is very interesting,” said Eline.

 “Dragon Slayer, God Serina. User of the Cavern, Purgatory, Sea King, Gale, Lighting, Poison, Fire, Sky Dragon Slayer Magic,” I said.

 “She does really know everything about dragon slayers and their magic,” said Eline.

 “Gah.. He is a little too close now…” I said as 4 marks appeared.

 “Hmm… Seems that still happens to you, Ray,” said Zeref.

 “4 new marks, 18 sets of Dragon Slayer Magic,” I said, “How many more are left?”

 “I think that’s all the dragon slayer magic there is, besides Acnologia’s magic,” said Eline.

 “Good now, I do not have to worry about marks appearing while I’m fighting.,” I said.

 “The question is, are we going to fight?” said Zeref.

 “We might run into Natsu again. If he figures out, that we tell the truth. Then he’ll come to kill us,” I said.

 “You might be right.. Let’s hope you’re right,” said Zeref as we walked away from Eline.

 I smell around, and find a weird smell in the air, “He’s here. His smell, I can smell him. He is going to kill God Serena,” I said.

 “I’m guessing that he is going to kill all the dragons,” said Zeref.

 “That will be impossible, one dragon can’t be killed by him. He also can’t kill himself, he will be the last dragon left,” I said.

 “I’m not sure, If he will try to kill you. Someone erased your memories of him, for a reason. It might be because what he did in the past,” said Zeref.

 “Well, either way, he can’t kill me,” I said as we walked toward the emperor’s quarters.

 When we got in the room, I said, “God Serena is dead, killed by Acnologia.”

 “Expected,” said Zeref.

 “Seems like Acnologia will go for Eline next,” I said.

 “He might, she was the one who created Dragon Slayer Magic,” said Zeref.

 “Zeref, how did you even meet her. If she created Dragon Slayer Magic, that means she is at least 400 years old or older. She should be dead,” I said.

 “She was turned into a dragon, using to much dragon slayer magic. She was stuck that way, until we made a deal. I would give her back her body in exchange she helped me whenever I needed help,” said Zeref.

 “So it must be true. Acnologia can turn from human to dragon. Once we use to much dragon slayer magic we will turn into dragons until we die,” I said, “The other dragons stayed inside the dragon slayers to protect them for that. Acnologia can’t do that.”

 “He can’t, but I don’t think that you will turn into a dragon. If you did, I think you will be able to change into a human. You do use the same magic as him, so it will allow you to change into human,” said Zeref.

 “I hope so, I would not want to be a dragon the rest of my life,” I said.

 “C’mon Ray, we need to continue to Fairy Tail,” said Zeref.

 “Okay,” I said as we started marching toward Fairy Tail. A few minutes later, Zeref touches the ground.

 “Your Majesty, is something amiss,” said Imber.

 “The quality of magic flowing through the land has changed. Eline.. What are you planning on doing,” said Zeref.

 “I sense that the land’s philosophy will soon change,” I said.

 “Eline.. She will cast a spell causing us to get closer to Fairy Tail,” said Zeref. When we were walking the ground started to glow.

 “Eline don’t tell me you’re actually using it,” said Zeref.

 “Universe One. It will change the philosophy of Floria Kingdom,” I said. When the light went away, Me and Zeref were inside Fairy Tail.

 “Mavis will come out soon, let’s wait for her,” said Zeref. As Zeref stated Mavis soon came walking in the hall.

 “Zeref! Ray!” said Mavis.

 “Mavis..” said Zeref.

 “Long time no see,” I said.

 “What happened to everyone! What have you..” said Maivs.

 “No.. this wasn’t our handwork. This whole incident has left even me perplexed,” said Zeref.

 “All it was is that Eline, used Universe One. Putting everyone and everything in a different place than last time,” I said.

 “Of course you would know,” said Zeref.

 “What business do you have here?” asked Mavis.

 “What business do you have being alive..?” asked Zeref.

 “Nevermind why are you two here?” asked Mavis.

 “As I said before, Universe One it sent us closer to you, Fairy Heart. So we could retrieve you,” I said.

 Zeref stood up walking to Mavis and saying, “Thanks to her, we got closer to what we want.. Fairy Heart.”

 “Make forth toward Fairy Tail,” I heard a voice with my magic.

 “What?! Someone somehow, knows where the guild is right now,” I said.

 “Zera..” said Mavis.

 “Anyway, Mavis.. It’s been just about 100 years since we last met like this,” said Zeref.

 “95 years to be more precise,” said Mavis.

 Mavis body soon forze, and Zeref said, “Cease this at once, Imber.”

 “We can’t risk her using that magic,” said Imber.

 “She out of anyone, knows better than to use it,” I said.

 “Imber,” said Zeref.

 “Very well,” said Imber as he released her, and put a chain around her neck.

 “Huh! What is this?!” said Mavis.

 “I will not bind your body, but at the least your mind,” said Imber.

 “Mavis could you please follow me,” said Zeref. Mavis followed him, but thought,

 “What?! My body is moving on it’s own.”

 “You have no control over your movement, but you will move according to our will,” I told Mavis. We walk outside the guild to find all the 12 there.

 Zeref goes over to Elaine and asks, “Do you have time to do a Iscole Enchantment.”

 “Of course. All I have to do it remove Fairy Heart from this cute little girl,” said Eline.

 “What?! She can’t do possibly a th-” Mavis thought before I cut her off.

 “Eline, is specialized in enchantments, Mavis. She can do it,” I said.

 “No way..” thought Mavis.

 “This will take some time, but it will be done,” said Eline.

 “Fairy Tail will not see the light off tomorrow,” said Zeref.

 “The war between Fairy Tail and The Immortals have truly began,” I said. Eline goes inside to take Fairy Heart out of Mavis. I soon realive Natsu, can once more kill me and Zeref. I go out to him to see Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Happy, Erza, Juvia, Wendy, Charlie, and Katy.

 “Huh.. Seems I was a tad bit too late,” I said.

 “Ray?!” said Katy.

 “Don’t go near her. Katy. She is the enemy,” said Happy.

 “Seems you can remember that little bit, Happy,” I said.

 “Why, sis? Why have you started this?” said Natsu.

 “I already told you all. We want to die, the only demons who can kill us is you Natsu,” I said.

 “E.N.D.” said Lucy.

 “Correct, created by me and Zeref. Reviving my twin brother, and Zeref’s little brother,” I said.

Ray’s Goodbye: The Garden Of Love

Jho grabbed my hand, and said, “There’s one place, it’s really pretty. I would like to show you it!”

“Okay,” I said as I followed Jho to a garden. It had many flowers, a big waterfall, and benches.

“Wow! It’s so pretty!”

“Yeah… Me and my little sister came here, when we were little.”

“You two must have had fun together…. Jho, how did she die?”

“We were born 17 years ago,…. The war started when we were 2, and sh-she died..” He said as tears formed in his eyes.

“Jho… I’m sorry…” I said as I kissed him.

“It’s okay, Ray…. You had to know sooner or later…”

“Well let’s go exploring!”

“Yeah, it’s a really pretty place here.” We explored the park, and we rested at the waterfall.

“Wow the water feels, so nice,” I said as I leaned on John’s shoulder.

“Yeah..” Jho said.

“Seems you picked the right choice, Ray,” said a guy behind us.

“?!” I said as I turned around. I saw the guy from the forest again. “You again?!”

“I told you I was to help you,” said the forest guy.

“Why is he still here?!” asked Jho.

“He said, in my dream, to remember. I told you. Anyway, why did you keep saying that?”

“You need to remember your past. That is all I am to tell you,” the forest guy said as he faded away.

“Again!?” I exclaimed.

“Ray, why does he keep coming back?” asked Jho.

“He told me that he was to protect me, if I die…. I don’t know what happened when I die…” I whispered.

“… I don’t think you are going to die…. I will help protect you, so you don’t have to leave…”

“Jho..” I said as Jho kissed me, “I’m sorry…. Jho…… I’ll always be with you.”

“Ray….”Jho said as he kissed me again.

“Mmm…. I love you, Jho.”

“I love you too, Ray..Mmm….” We go back to the palace, and all the soldiers were on break.

“It’s almost time for night, we should get some sleep” I said.

“Yeah..” whispered Jho. We walked to our bedroom, and layed down. I layed on Jho, and he brushed my hair.

“Ray… I’ll protect you…. So don’t worry…” whispered Jho. I closed my eyes, and drifted off into a deep sleep.

Morning came by, and both me and Jho were still lying right there.

“Ray… You awake…?” whispered Jho.

“Yeah..” I answered.

“You want to stay like this..?”

“Of course.”

Jho brushed my hair, and tried to sit me up on his shoulder. He kissed me, and said, “Ray… We’ve been like this for a while… mabey we could go further…”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Of course!” I exclaimed, “Sorry..”

Ray’s Goodbye: My Dream

“Ray… Just go to bed, and I will always be by your side.”

“Okay,” I said as I leaned on Jho and closed my eyes. I drifted off into a deep sleep.

In my dream, I saw a vision of a girl that looked like me. There were many versions of her, one with black magic in her hand, another with a bow in her hand, a girl with a light-sword, and a girl with frolikerd hair. The guy from the forest came out, and said, “Ray… You are not one being. You are all these people in one body. You are a hero, a savior. I want you to try, and remember. Remember your past, see if you can remember what we all told you. Your experiences, you had. Remember…..” The guy faded away ecoining ‘Remember.’ My regular dreams came back, but I was still worried about that one dream.

When morning came, Jho was looking down at me. “You’re awake.”


“What’s wrong?”

“It’s just a dream, I don’t think it’s true…”

“What was it?”

“Remember the guy from the forest. He kept telling me to remember what happened in the other dimensions. My past, my experiences, he told me to remember all of them,” I said.

“Are you going to be okay?”

“Yeah, as long as I have you,” I said as I leaned closer to Jho.

“Let’s go get some breakfast.”

“Yeah,” I said as we started to head toward the kitchen. When we got there the chefs cooked eggs, with a side of bacon.

“What is this?” I asked.

“You have never had bacon or eggs?” asked Jho.

“What are eggs and bacon, all I have ate for my whole life is raw meats.”

“Wow… Just Wow… You really don’t know how to act like a human.”

“I’ve been around werewolves my whole life, how do you expect me to be human. Well all I know is that this is food, and I can eat it.”

“Yep, so dig in.”

“Dig in?”

“That means go ahead and eat it,” said Jho as we ate our breakfast.                                                                                                                               

“Wow… This food is good!” I exclaimed.

“We have some of the best chefs, they can cook anything.”

“Wow. By the way, Jho, what are we going to do today?”

“Well pretty much all the work was done yesterday. I think today, everyone has a day off.”

“Okay,” I said as we stood up, “Where are going to go?”

Jho grabbed my hand, and said, “There’s one place, it’s really pretty. I would like to show you it!”

Ray The Dragon Princess: E.N.D.

“You eliminated 973 soldiers, only 999,027 remain,” said Zeref.

 “I though it take more for you to come out and play,” said Natsu, “Zeref. Ray, so it was true that you are with them.”

 “Of course,” I said.

 “I would hate to hurt my sister, but this is goodbye,” said Natsu as he unwrapped the rap on his arm.

 “Everyone I ask you to fall back. Ray you can stay,” said Zeref.

 “Happy, you too,” said Natsu.

 “Aye,” said Happy.

 “Is this truly a need to dirty your hands,” said Imber.

 “Oh.. He is way stronger than you think, Imber,” I said.

 “We ain’t going to give you the first,” said Natsu.

 “It only unfolded this because you could not destroy us,” said Zeref.

 “I never can understand you two when you talk like that,” said Natsu as he takes off the bandage.

 “?!” said Zeref.

 “Something I have not seen in many years. The power of Igneel, The Fire Dragon King,” I said.

 ‘Let’s do this,” said Natsu as he punched Zeref.

 “Sky Dragon’s Roar,” I said blasting it at Natsu.

 “Let’s do this, Ray,” said Zeref.

 “Stygian Blast Circle,” Me and Zeref said in unison as we hit Natsu. He incinerated out magic, and hit us.

 “Finally, something that will hurt us,” I said.

 “It might be able to destroy the immortal,” I heard Zeref thinking.

 “It might,” I said.

 “Blaze Dragon King Mode,” said Natsu, “I’m ending this right now, Zeref!”

 “Thank you, Igneel, Anna, Layla, and.. My beloved younger brother… Natsu..” Zeref thought.

 Natsu’s hit-hit us, and Zeref said, “We’re alright. We have enough for one more blow. You truly have gained marvelous power… Natsu. ‘Natsu might, just, be able to destroy us.’ We have all was thought that. However you were a bit too late. Instead of wanting to be destroyed, we decided to destroy the world.”

 “That was until… With your finally attack.. What it takes to beat the immortal.. For us to rest in peace,” I stated.

 “That’s why we want to tell you something before we go away,” said Zeref.

 “Huh? What are you talking about?” said Natsu.

 “Natsu.. Zeref’s real name is Zeref Dragneel. He is our older brother,” I said. “400 years ago, our parents were incinerated by dragons. Me and Zeref, we were the only two left from that village. Our parents, My twin brother, they all perished.”

 “What in the hell are you talking about,” said Natsu.

 “At the conclusion of reviving your life…. We succeed in creating the demons also known as Eutherians,” said Zeref.

 “E.N.D. or Etherious Natsu Dragneel… That is what you are,” I said.  

 “If we die, you will also die,” said Zeref.

 “I ain’t got any room for this bullshit.. The only relative I have is Ray,” said Natsu.

 “I told you, a year ago, you would not believe me when I tell you,” I said, “This is what I meant.”

 “Yeah, this is not true, I do not believe you,” said Natsu.

 “Ray, show him,” said Zeref.

 “Open Gate of The Book: E.N.D.” I said as I summoned E.N.D.’s book. I put a hole in the book, hurting Natsu.

 “See, if the book is hurt. You will be hurt,” said Zeref.

 “The dragons, beside mine, were all coming to the future to kill Acnologia. They need 5 offsprings to help them, the were Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel, Sting, Rogue. They all had one thing in common they were all orphans. In a way, you had me and Zeref, but we help with this plan. It was our wish that you would end our life, Natsu,” I said.

 “A celestial spirit wizard known as Anna opened the Eclipse gate, to bring the 5 of you through the gate. In the future Layla opened the gate to this Era, That year was July 7th, X777. You all thought your dragons disappeared, but they were inside you. You all were children born 400 years ago. And we waited those.. 400 years to see you again. Ray, managed to find you first. Before that all happened we managed to meet Mavis, and then everyone parted. I am…” said Zeref.

 “Shut the hell up. I can’t believe anymore of this, it’s all bullshit,” said Natsu as he got ready to attack us.

 “Natsu!” said Happy as he grabbed him out of the fight.

 “You are no longer capable of stopping us,” thought Zeref, “Goodbye… Natsu.”

Ray The Dragon Princess: Immortals V.S. The Dragon King V.S. Humans

 “Just to get your hands on the Lumen Histoire?” asked Makarov.

 “Yes, she will help us,” I said.

 ‘Your after Fairy Heart just because you two are immortal,” said Makarov.

 “All of this is the attempt to get rid of Acnagolia,” said zeref.

 “The one who abandoned people after 2 years of training,” I said.

 “Yet, we have no intention of losing to Ishgard, or Acnologia,” said Zeref.  

 “So there is no room for negotiation?” asked Makarov.

 “Of course not,” I said.

 “The war between The two Immortals, The Dragon King, and you humans. The time has come to see out of the three who will survive,” said Zeref.

 “So your goal here is to start a war,” said Makarov.

 “No we want to start an extermination,” Me and Zeref said in unision.

 “I won’t hand the first over to the hands of you,” said Makarov. Makarov tried to attack us, but Zeref knocked him back.

 “We’re slightly grateful for what you’ve done. Thank you for raising, Natsu,” said Zeref.

 “Zeref will put you out of your misery soon. We will deliver you to Natsu. Hmm.. How much rage will consume him, he might be willing to kill us,” I said.

 ‘Do you have any last words?” asked Zeref.

 “You two… are filthy little…. Demons..” said Makarov.

 “Close, Spriggan is the name of an Ugly Fairy,” said Zeref. Soon someone comes in to save Makarov using Teleportation magic.

 When Makarov disappears Zeref says, “Where did her go?!”

 “Doranbolt… You little pest. The other guy besides me who can use teleportation magic,” I stated.

 “So you’ve finally come… Natsu,” said Zeref.

 “Seems this is the start of the war,” I said.

 “Everyone! In positions!” said Zeref as an alarm sounded.

 “Zeref what is the plan?” I asked.

 “We take air, and August will hide us. Or you can teleport everyone,” said Zeref as we walked over to an airship. The airships fly to Magnolia, surprising Mavis and her calculations.

 “Shot em dead!” said Azir. The airships started shooting things at the guild and Magnolia. A magic wall barrier was deployed.

 “May I handle this?” I asked as I walked to the edge of the ship.

 “Go ahead, Ray,” said Zeref.

 “You have improved, Freed,” I stated as I teleported in front of him.

 “Ray?! What are you doing here?!”

 “Here to take you out. Poison Dragon’s Roar,” I said blasting Freed and his friends.

 “R-Ray… W-Why…” said Evergreen.

 “The war between the two immortals, The Dragon King, and you humans,” I said as I teleported back to the ship, “All done.”

 “Good,” said Zeref.

 “Continue launching,” said Azir. A blast from a west ship almost hits, before I say,

 “Barrier!” I put up a barrier protecting the ships.

 “Huh? That magic is familiar,” said someone from inside the dust.

 “Anyway, Flying Dragon Squad reporting for duty,” said Natsu.

 “?! Natsu?!” I said.

 “Huh? That’s..” said Azir. Natsu did not hear me and tried to attack the ships.

 “Barrier!” I keep a barrier around all the ships so they can’t attack. I go outside the barrier, “Just as I expected. Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel. The three dragons from fairy tail.”

 “Sis?!” said Natsu.

 “Princess?!” said Gajeel.

 “Ms. Ray?!” said Wendy.

  “Hmm.. Seems you all want to protect it,” I said.

 “What are you talking about, sis?” asked Natsu.

 “Fine I’ll let you fight. You can’t win,” I said. I let the barriers down and they dropped onto the boat Azir is on. I teleport to the ship Zeref is on to help them.

 “Natsu and the other Fairy Tail members are joining the fight,” I told Zeref.

 “Natsu… It’s about time we tell him,” said Zeref.

 “Next time we talk, we can tell him,” I said.

 A sandstorm soon comes, and Zeref says, “Hmm.. You fought someone that strong to use this, Azir.”

 “Does he not use this spell alot?” I asked.

 “No, it’s a really strong spell. It’s a very annoying spell,” said Zeref. A light shines and hits the ship Azir was fighting on. Then the sandstorm disappeared.

 “Seems Azir is down,” I said. One of the people shot a cannon firing it at the guild. The Christina came and blocked the fire from hitting the guild.

 “My Majesty, it seems that Azir and Brandish have been eliminated,” said Imber.

 “That’s not a surprise. It would be a bore if you could not handle this much, Mavis,” said Zeref.

 “To think that not one, but two have been killed. It seems to exceeded my expectations,” said Imber.

 “No, their are alive,” I said.

 “That’s Fairy Tail’s weakness, they can’t kill people,” said Zeref.

 “Hmm… He’s nearby. Natsu..” I said.

 “Natsu?! Land the ship!” said Zeref.

 “Your Majesty, why?!” asked Imber.

 “Just do it!” said Zeref. The ship landed and all the forces went out. Me and Zeref went to the back of the forces to see Natsu.

 “This is the time, me and you finish this dance! Zeref!” said Natsu.

 “I’ll help you,” I said. Natsu takes out all the people around us besides Imber. All the forces start to attack Natsu. Me and Zeref teleport into the front of the lines to see Natsu.

 “You eliminated 973 soldiers, only 999,027 remain,” said Zeref.

Ray’s Goodbye: Yes, It’s Gone

Many hours past, many people died, and the war had finally come to an end. Everyone was resting in one big room, with all the dead bodies. I leaned on Jho, and we both realized how similar we both are.

“… Hay, Ray..” whispered Jho.

“What is it, Jho?” I asked.

“You remember what he said. He wanted us to continue his legacy, how are we going to do that?”

“I don’t know…. If we just act the way we are, we could find a way.”

“Act the way we are…? You mean we could stay together like this…?”

“Maybe… I mean if it’s okay with you…”

“… Okay… As long as you don’t turn into a werewolf.”

“I’m not a real werewolf, like you told me,” I said as I laughed at John’s joke.

Jho kissed me and said, “Mmm… Let’s continue his legacy.”

“Yeah… Mmm… Jho… I love you..” I said as I blushed and kissed Jho.

Jho blushed and said, “I love you too, Ray.” The two of us kissed, and we rested the night away.

When morning came, I saw everyone rushing around trying to clean up the dead bodies. I found Jho in the main room, helping commoners settle down.

“Yes ma’am. We have rooms upstairs that all of your children can stay in,” said Jho.

“Thank you, fine sir,” said the old lady as she walked away.

I walked over to Jho and asked, “You okay? You seem stressed.”

“I’m fine right now. I just finished. It seems you just got up, are you fine?” asked Jho.

“I’m fine, you need to rest Jho. We did not go to bed until early in the morning. It’s only been a hour of sleep, please, Jho get some rest,” I said.

“All the others st-” Jho said as I cut him off.

“Jho, I can watch. You really need rest,” I said as I kissed him.

“Maybe I do need some rest…..”

“Please, Jho.”

“Okay I’ll go. I will see up when I get some sleep.”

“Okay see you later,” I said as Jho left the room. We spent the rest of the day cleaning, helping, and caring for the palace, town, and people. Jho never came back up, so I went to check on him. I went inside his room, and saw a sleeping Jho.

“You are really cute when you sleep too,” I whispered as I put my hand on his head.

“So are you..” whispered Jho as he put his hand on my hand.

“?! Seems like you were already awake.”

“I just woke up,” Jho said as he sat up, “What time is it?”

“It’s almost 9pm.”

“Wow, I really was tired.”

“See I told you, that you needed rest.”

“Sometimes I forget things like that. By the way, if it’s that time are you going to bed?”

“Yeah, but I want to be by your side.”

“Ray… Just go to bed, and I will always be by your side.”

“Okay,” I said as I leaned on Jho and closed my eyes. I drifted off into a deep sleep.

Ray’s Goodbye: Is It Over

“….I-…. I-I can’t live withou-…. I can’t live without Jho….”

“Then that is your decision. Live life to your fullest,” said the guy as he disappeared.

“My decision….. I want to protect you, Jho….” I thought as I stood up, and walked toward the cell door. I opened the cell door, and started to walk toward everyone.

“Ray! What are you doing!” exclaimed Jho.

“I’m sorry, Jho….. I have to end this…. I can’t stand to see any of you fight……” I said as I grabbed a sword from a dead body.

“What are you going to do?” asked Jack.

“If this war does not stop, I’ll help stop it,” I said as I got ready to attack with the sword. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jho smile. We all started to attack Jack, and the other werewolves. Blood was spilled, people were killed, friends were slain.

“G-Gah,” I heard from behind me. It was the king, and he was being cut by a werewolf.

“Father!” exclaimed Jho as he ran over to the king. I followed Jho, as he ran to the king. We sat beside the king, as he was slowly dieing. He whispered to me, and Jho, “Jho…. Ray…. Please continue on my Legacy….”

“…. Don’t say that…. You can live…” I whispered.

“..Ray… Please… Don’t…. It’s already too late for me..”

“….I can’t let you die, for John’s sake…” I whispered.

“…Ray… Please… Please let him die…. It’s for the best…” whispered Jho. We let the king pass away, and I see Jho has tears in his eyes. I pull Jho closer to me, as he was crying.

“….Ray… Let’s just go back to fighting…” cried Jho.

“Are you sure, Jho?” I asked.

“Yes, after this we can go back,” said Jho.

“Okay,” I said as I helped Jho stand up.

“Let’s go,” said Jho as we picked up our swords. We started to hit everyone, and my main focus was Jake. Jack and I never had good intentions toward each other. We never wanted anything to do with each other, so it hurt me the least to attack him.

Many hours past, many people died, and the war had finally come to an end. Everyone was resting in one big room, with all the dead bodies. I leaned on Jho, and we both realized how similar we both are.