Midnight’s Hell: Sympathy

“Well it would be no fun if I told you all the rules, before you became a vampire,” Ryo said.

“Well tell them to me now!”

“Fine… Rule 1, silver hurts so no touch. Rule 2, no sun. Rule 3, only allowed outside if given permission. Rule 4 is if bound by a blood contract, they have to stay together (Even if married)”


“.. You knew the rules.. Why did you not tell anyone?”

“Oh, only you don’t know because everyone else here is born a vampire.”

“Oh.. I should have guessed that..”

“It is predictable, since the name is vampire.”

“Well I never knew I would become one so young..”

“How old are you?”

“I’m 15, why?”

“You are now 375.”

“A vampire year is equal to 25 human years, so 375. I’m 428, so that means I’m about 17.”

“..How would I explain that to anyone else?”

“You wouldn’t. I’m the only person you will probably see for a long time.”

“.. Well then.. I might as not get attached to anyone else..”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that if I met anyone else, I can’t be friends. I should not interact with anyone else..”

“Okay then. Well we are not going to stay here, let’s get going.”

“I thought you said that we can’t leave.”

“That’s true, but time flows faster here, and it’s already night.”

“What, but it just turned day..”

“The day pretty much does not exist on this island..”


“Well then, you are coming with me,” Ryo said as we left the place. He led me to a abandoned looking house, and went inside.

“Where are we?” I asked.

“The place I’ve stayed for the past 17 years,” Ryo said as he turned on a light, “I was abandoned here..”

“I was technically abandoned..” I said in sympathy. He looked at me, with wide eyes. “When I was little, My sister and I fought. Nobody was on my side, they always thought that I was the one who started it.. I was abandoned by them, so I decided to leave them..”


Venus’ Space: Rosie

“A-An angle!” I exclaimed.

“C-Calm down!” The angel painiced.

“A-Am I going to die!?” I exclaimed.

“No!” she said as she looked at me, “I needed to find you.. I’m sorry if I startled you… Can we start over?”

“Start over?” I asked.

“I’m Aphrodite, the goddess of love,” she said.

“I-I’m Venus,” I said still a little shocked.

“Wow, you did not freak out when I said I’m a Goddess.”

“I believe in Gods and Goddess. Believe it or not, I love to study the stars. The stars show the truth of Gods and Goddess,” I said as I looked out my window, to the stars.

“Stars.. Our home..  My home star is Venus..” Aphrodite said as she pointed to the one of the stars.

“Venus?” I asked.

“Venus is known for it’s love and light.. That’s why it is my home.. It seems that we are related in the love way..” Aphrodite said.

“Hey, Aphrodite. Can we become friends?” I asked.

“Friends?” she asked.

“A friend is a person you have a close bond with,” I said with a smile.

“Sure, I’ll be your friend! You can call me Rosie!” Aphrodite exclaimed.

“Okay!” I exclaimed.

“Well then, it’s almost morni-” Rosie said as she stopped.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I forgot I need to tell you something.. If you ever met another angel, please tell me. They are vampires posing as angels, and I need you to stay safe.. I knew about your existence before you even knew a word…” Rosie said.

“.. So, no more meeting angels without tell you?” I asked.

“Yes. I need to go, it’s almost morning,” Rosie said as she flew away.

“Goodbye!” I exclaimed as I saw her smile, and fade away. I grabbed my diary, and wrote in it.

Midnight’s Hell: Ryo

“Wow.. I’m really a vampire.. And sis is suppose to be an angel..” I said in a sad tone. The sun started to peek out, and it burnt my skin.

“Oww.. I better get inside,” I said as I ran to an inn. I got a room, and settled down. I then pulled out my diary, and wrote.


Dear Diary,

Today is an amazing day! I’m finally a vampire, a creature that I have always wanted to be.. Why, you ask? Well, vampire have the ability to kill people if they suck out all their blood. I hate Venus! She acts like she is innocent, but she never is. That is why I want to kill her! I’ll talk to you later!





“Best day ever!” I exclaimed.

“A vampire’s life is harder than you think,” the guy from earlier said.

“You!?” I exclaimed.

“Yesh, I told you we are bound by a blood contract. I can’t go very far away from you, or both of us will get hurt. Badly,” he said.

“.. What is you name?” I asked.

“Name? I’m Ryo, what is yours?” he asked.

“Midnight,” I said as I sat down on the bed.

“Well Midnight, from now on we have to stick together. Which also means that if I get sent on a job, then you have to come,” Ryo said.

“Inexperienced?” I asked.

“Yes, a blood contract always is on the other’s team.”

“Great.. Just great..”

“Well it’s your fault, you wanted to become a vampire..”

“Well you should have told me earlier!” I exclaimed.

“Well it would be no fun if I told you all the rules, before you became a vampire,” Ryo said.

“Well tell them to me now!”
“Fine… Rule 1, silver hurts so no touch. Rule 2, no sun. Rule 3, only allowed outside if given permission. Rule 4 is if bound by a blood contract, they have to stay together (Even if married)”

Venus’ Space: Aqua and Grandmother

Dear Diary,

I know this is the first time I’m writing to you, but I wanted to write in here. I just moved out of Mom’s house, and got this diary. My sister and I hate each other, and I wish she was never born. Sometimes, though, I wish we got along. What am I thinking, I hate her! My bigger sister, Pearl, she is our Mom’s favorite. Probably because she was born first, and was adorned. I’m not jealous, I just wish I was Mom’s favorite.. If I did then why did I move out? I’m sorry, I have so many mixed emotions.. Talk, or write, to you later!

Your Pal,



“Sometime I don’t get myself..” I thought to myself. I’m Venus, a bright and cheerful person who is 14. My sister and I just got into a big fight, and we decided to live away from one another. I believe it is for the best. I went to my grandmother’s hometown to see if I could find something. I never have been anywhere except on my island. I did like to swim thought.

“Hello, dear. I’ve never seen you before,” said someone behind me.

“Oh, hello. May I ask, who are you?” I asked.

“Oh, sorry. Where are my manners. I’m Mcloven Daracia,” she said with a smile.

“Daracia?” I asked.

“Oh, have you heard that name before?” she asked.

“.. Are you the mother of Cory, or Azana?” I asked.

“Cory? Azana? How do you know those two? They live on a remote island,” Mrs.Daracia said.

“They’re my parents. They must have not you told you we were born.. I’m Venus Daracia. I have a twin sister called Midnight, but she is not here.”

“What about Pearl?”

“Pearl is our big sister,” I said as a girl a little older than me.

“Mom, who is she?” she asked.

“Oh, Aqua. This is you niece, she has a twin sister also,” Mrs.Daracia said.

“Twins?! That means I have three nieces?!” exclaimed the girl, apparently called Aqua.

“Yes, Cory nor Azana told us..” Mrs.Daracia said.

“Well I need to get going,” I said as I started to walk away.

“Promise to come over!” exclaimed Aqua.

“I will!” I exclaimed as I waved. I ran until I found an inn.

“This will be a good place to rest,” I said as I rented a room. I went bed.

When I woke up, the sky was filled with stars.

“Wow..” I whispered in amazement.

“It really is pretty?” someone behind me said.

“What in the!” I exclaimed as I jumped. I saw a girl with light blonde hair, blue eyes, angel wings, and a halo.

“A-An angle!” I exclaimed.

Midnight’s Hell: Vampire!

Dear Diary,

It’s me. We have never met before. I’m a bad writer. That’s why these sentances are a word long. I can’t even spell corectly. My mom is forcin me to write in this thing. Oh, I never told you. Me and My sister left the house. I hate her. I do like my bigger sister though. She is nice, unlike Venus. Venus is a butt. I hate her. Talk to you later.





“Uh.. Mom why did you make me do this?” I asked myself. I’m Midnight, and I like anything dark. Occult, stars, and darkness. I’m going to a island that I read in a book. Apparently I will like it there.

“I see it!” I exclaimed as I saw shore. The town was bare. The lights were covered in spider webs, and were barely working. The dock was there, but it was broken.

I landed on the dock to be greeted by a sign that said, “Welcome To Kue Ke!

“Kue Ke? Is that the name of this island?” I asked myself, “And why is it broken?”

“Nobody likes to visit us..” someone on the back of my boat said.

“How?! How did you get on my boat?!” I exclaimed.

“Have you not heard the warnings?” he asked.

“What warnings?” I asked.

“.. Kue Ke, means vampire in japanese,” he said in annoyance.

“Vampire?!” I exclaimed in excitement.

“You sound excited..”

“Of course! Vampire are supernatural beings that feed of human blood! My sister is a human, and I would love to suck her blood?!” I exclaimed.

“Well then, would you like to be one?” he asked, “But mind this, you can’t leave this island. Unless the ambassadors allows you to. Which will not happen at such a young age.”

“I’m fine with staying on this island, but if my sister comes here. I will drink all her blood!”

“If you insist,” he said as he held out his hand, “You need to drink my blood.”

“Okay,” I said as I bit his hand. I started to drink his blood. Once done, he pulled his hand back.

“It seems your blood will allow you to be a vampire…”

“Why are you sighing?” I asked.

“Your blood is vampire worthy, but you have an angel aura.. That means the angels might have gained a new person if they took your sister..”

“Why angels?”

“Angels and Vampires have always hated each other, and we are in war right now.. And now if you or I die, the other will die..”

“We are now bound by blood contact, meaning when one dies the other will. So no dieing,” he said as he disappeared.

“Wow.. I’m really a vampire.. And sis is suppose to be an angel..” I said in a sad tone. The sun started to peek out, and it burnt my skin.

“Oww.. I better get inside,” I said as I ran to an inn. I got a room, and settled down.

The Wall Between Two: Until We Meet Again.. Cory

Years have passed, and the girls were teens.

“Mom can I leave, I don’t want to be near Midnight anymore!” exclaimed Venus.

“Same!”  exclaimed Midnight.

“Girls..” I thought.

“Mom, they can’t leave.. They’re my little twins..” Pearl said to me in a sad voice.

“Pearl.. I’m sorry,” I said as I looked at the twins, “Girls you have to promise me something. Once you leave you write everything you do in a diary.”

“Why?” asked Midnight.

“When you girls decide to visit, I want to see what you did,” I said as I handed Midnight a black diary, and Venus a white one.

“Fine!” said Midnight as she ran outside.

“Bye Mom, Dad, Big Sis,” Venus said as she ran off.

“Mom.. Why did we have to let them go?” asked Pearl.

“I want to see them come back one day, and I believe we will all be one big family..” I said as I saw the girls leave the island.


To be continued in Venus’ Space and Midnight’s Hell


“Well I guess that is it for Cory..” I said as I started to schedule the post.

To be continued in Venus’ Space and Midnight’s Underworld

Behind The Character: Cory Edrel

Cory Edrel is the new Ray. Even thought she is not Ray, she is going to continue on Ray’s legacy. She has not died, like Ray. All the Rays experianced death, while Cory faces trouble. Even if she was to pace, she shall hand over her legacy. Cory is suppose to stand for peace, like in a peaceful sea.


She is wearing a bathing suit, because she is part mermaid (I wanted to do siren, but Ray said no). She has blond hair, contradicting to Rays black hair. She is a sweet girl who loves peace.


Cory will be back, even thought she is over.


The Wall Between Two: A Fake Depression..

I stop working on my doc, and go get some chips.

“It’s 12 p.m. Maybe I should go to bed,” I thought.

I lay down, and go to bed.

I wake up, and take a shower.

“Maybe I should end this story now. I might want to move onto Midnight and Venus’s story…”  through, “Their diaries would be more exciting..”

“Kathleen, get up! One of your friends is here!” my mom exclaimed.

“Okay, tell them to give me a minute!” I exclaimed as I hopped out of the shower, and into new clothes. I ran to the front door, and opened it.

“Tamei! You’re here!” I exclaimed as I hugged him.

“Yeah, I just got back from my trip to Japan,” Tamei said.

I close the door, and said, “I’m still a little jelous.You don’t even know how to speak Japanese, and still got to go.”

“Heh.. I have relative there still. It doesn’t matter if I don’t speak their language. They know English,” Tamei said.

“I know that, most people in Japan speak English..but still I have to be jealous..”

“Well, It’s been a year since we’ve talked like this. Let’s go to the park, and talk,” Tamei said as we walked over to the park, right beside my house.

“It seems that you went to school there?” I asked.

“Yes, it was a little confusing because their economy is different from ours,” Tamei said as we sat down on the bench.

“Yeah I would guess so. 1,000 yen is about 9 dollars,” I said.

“Yeah, why is it 9 dollars? Why could it not be 10 dollars?” Tamei asked himself.

“Tai.. I missed you,” I said as I hugged him.

“Umm… Kan (My nickname) there is something I must confess..” Tamei said as he started to blush.

“What is it, Tai?” I asked.

“Well.. On my trip there.. I thought I should tell you something before I lost you.. I-I… I’ve had a crush on you since we first met!” Tamei said.

“C-Crush?” I asked as I blushed.

“Yes, I’ve likes you for a really long time Kan..”

“Um.. I do like you too..but I never knew you had feelings like that.. I do want to be with you thought,” I said with a smile.

“Ken..” Tamei said as leaned in closer to me.

“Tai..” I whispered as Tamei kissed me.

“I want to stay with you.. Zutai..” Tamei said.

“Zutai.. Of course I would like to stay with you forever..” I said.

“Kan, can we make it official.. I know we only been life this for a coup-” Tamei said as I put my finger on his mouth,

“Of course..” I said as I took my finger of his mouth.

“Then what about we go on one now,” Tamei said.

“Well it seems the ship KenTai has come try,” Kavasnia said as she closed the gate behind her.

“Kavasnia!” I exclaimed.

“You never expected to see me here,” Kavasnia said.

“Of course, Kavasnia,” said Tamei.

“I came here to talk to Kathleen,” Kavasnia told us.

“Why?” I asked.

“About what you told Izzy, and Amaya.. The death..” Kavasnia said.

“Death?” asked Tamei.

“Ray threatened to kill me.. Nobody believes me when I say it thought..” I said.

“Ray, is your innerself, Kan.. Are you sure that you did not threaten yourself?” asked Tamei.

“Tai.. I’m sure, I would not threaten to kill myself. Even though it’s close to Suicide, I don’t think I’m ready to die. That’s why I have committed Suicide yet..” I said while smiling.

“Suicide?” asked Tamei.

“Kath has been in a depression for a really long time.. She wants to get out of it, but she doesn’t want to kill herself yet,” Kavasnia said.

“Ken.. Why did you not tell me?” asked Tamei.

“.. I did not want you to feel bad for me.. Just when we got together..” I said while I looked down.

“We both talked for a while about life.. She told me about us maybe being in a depression… She took a test for both of us.. I have a low depression rate, and she has a high depression rate..” Kavasnia told Tamei.

“Depression..” Tamei said.

“Before I met Kavasnia, you, Izzy, Mikayla, and Amaya… 2 years I had no friends.. Even though I had Lexi, we barely even talked. I only went to school, so I could feel alive. At home I just wished I never even was born.. That also why I started to write.. So I could have more friends, even if they were fake… The reason Ray existed is because I wanted to find a way be to happy..” I whispered.

“Kan..” Tamei whispered as he held me, “No need to worry..”

“Tai…” I whispered.

“We will always be here, Kathleen,” Kavasnia said as she brushed through my hair.

“Sometimes I wish I could get over this depression, and actually be happy with humanity.. But that seems it will never happen..” I whispered.

“Kath..” Kavasnia whispered.

“Kan..” whispered Tamei.

“I need to go home.. I’ll see you tomorrow at the bake sale,” I said as I walked home.

I climbed into my bed, and opened my computer. I continued to write.